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A reminder about SIGNATURES and AVATARS

Guest Dean

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Hey there everybody,

After noticing a sharp increase in the number of reports concerning spoilers in signatures and avatars, we have decided to post this reminder here just to give everyone a heads up. Now as the majority here will know, and for the others that don't, this is a site with predominantly English members, and while H&A is an Australian show, the main site runs at an English pace. What this means is that anything that has not been shown on English television in regard to H&A is considered a spoiler.

The reason the Australian Discussion and Spoiler Section forums are here is to cater for those who wish to keep at Australian pace and further ahead. Posting information about recent storylines in there may not be seen by other unsuspecting members, your signature and avatar appear in every post across every forum on the board, whether it be Fan Fiction, General Chat or The Bayside Diner. This leads to members who are unwilling to be spoiled on certain storylines annoyed due to the fact they have been spoiled.

While there has been a peak due to certain storylines airing in Australia currently, this is an ongoing problem and we would like you all to just think before you upload an avatar or write a new line in your signature, as to not ruin the show for the other thousands of members who don't utilise youtube or this board's download facility or read spoilers.

So please just THINK before you act.


Dean (On behalf of the Moderation team)

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Just a quick suggestion if I may,

Is it possible to have a place on the forum where you can go to check what episode number the UK are up to? That way there is no excuse if people say that they thought that it had already been shown in the UK. It's just that in the UK forum there is only one thread for the whole discussion and it may be hard for some members to know what episode number is being discussed.

Sorry if this place already exists.

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