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Favourite names.

Guest tessalove

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13. Amy


Boys Names: (3-5 are in no particular order)

1. Simon (I'm in love with that name)

2. Casey

3. Aleksander

4. Niall

5. Malachy.

Girls Names: (In no particular order)

1. Carley

2. Peyton

3. Tori

4. .....

'll have to get back to you with those last 2 girls names.........

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Oh, a perfect thread when it's late, I have work tomorrow and should go to bed :P

Girls: Hayley, Cassandra, Rachel, Heidi, Lauren, Christina, Chelsea, Stephanie, Stacey, Ashley, Gayle (also a good boy's name, but spelled like Gale), Charlotte (the Norwegian pronounciation), Ruby, Renate (Norwegian).

Boys: Oliver, Skyler, Cody, Daniel, Jason, Thomas, Jesse, Anders (Norwegian, although I know English-speaking people named Anders too), Alexander, Joakim (Norwegian), Fredrik (Norwegian).

There are probably more I can't think of, but this was a nice way to procrastinate :P

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