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Lucky (by Symphony) - comments

Red Ranger 1

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I love it! :wub: You wrote it so well. :D

I found your timing a bit funny. The episode where they find Sam's body will air tomorrow over here. You didn't know that obviously but still...

The description at the beginning of the one-shot is beautifully written. It was almost as if I was walking on that same beach. :)

I love the song you used. Great choice! :wub:

Jack looked at her strangely, then sighed. Oh Martha, I thought you knew, he replied tenderly. Because she wasn't you. You are my best friend, my lover, the only one who knows me as well as Dad does. Nobody can ever take your place, or fill the holes that pierce my heart when we fight. If something were to ever happen you, I could never find fulfilment again; you are my life, and without you, it can never have full meaning.

That part was so sweet! :wub:

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Oh Lord, sorry Barbara :o That is weird timing; gosh I thought that that episode had aired everywhere by now.

Perhaps I should have said yes to the spoilers question :o

And yup, mbi615 it is indeed; sung by Jason & Colbie Cailat actually, and Colbie was the woman who sang 'Bubbly' which was the song that they kept playing at the end of every episode leading up to Sally's departure! :)

I meant to put that in the credits actually [goes to edit]

Thanks for all the comments guys :wub:

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Oh Lord, sorry Barbara :o That is weird timing; gosh I thought that that episode had aired everywhere by now.

I only read this now.

Don't be sorry. It's okay. :) I've already watched it as I also follow the show at Australian pace. There are countries which are even further behind then Belgium anyway. Besides, I think if something has aired in the UK, then it's not considered as spoilers anymore. :) So you did nothing wrong. Don't worry about it. :) I wouldn't come on BttB if I didn't want to read some spoilers. Otherwise, most things I'd read on here would be spoilers. :P

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