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Ruby's Old Friend

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title - Ruby's old friend

type of story - long fic

genre - drama

rating - a

main characters - Ruby, Xavier, Nicole, Aden, Belle, Geoff, Jai, Annie, Tayler

spoilers - no

warnings - language, violence, sexual refrences

plot - Ruby's friend from bording school shows up to visit and have a good time. She also makes moves on a local.


There was a loud knock on the door early in the morning Charlie got up and opened it

A sexy blonde teenage girl with a great body stood at the door.

She smiled

"Hey" she said to Charlie

"Hey" Charlie replied after yawning

"Ruby home?" the girl asked

"Yeah she's in bed" Charlie told her

"Bucks" she screamed through the house.

Ruby came out of her room smiling

"Tails" Ruby screamed and hugged her

They both noticed Charlie looking at them

"Oh Tayler this is my big sis Charlie, Charlie this my bestest friend ever Tayler" Ruby introduced them.

"Call me Tails, all my friends do" Tayler said

"Great" Charlie said smiling

"Come on you have to tell me everything that's happened since i left. Starting with how's Braydon?" Ruby said.

"We broke up" Tayler told her

"Oh my god why?"

"I walked in on him having sex with Astrid" Tayler answered

"Astrid with the pink hair?" Ruby asked

"That's her"

"She's ugly, what did he see in her?"

"Her legs opened wider than mine" Tayler said

"Anyway enough about me, hows things with you and Xavier is it?"

"How do you know about Xavier?" Ruby asked

"Requel told me"

Ruby looked at the time

"I'm gonna be late for school, i get dressed wait here"

"It's still pretty early" Tayler repled

"Yeah i know but i told Xavier i'd meet him there"

"Do you want a ride, because i've got mum's car" Tayler aked

"Yeah sure"



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"Hey guys" Ruby said running up to Xavier, Geoff, Jai and Annie and dragger Tayler behind her.

"This is my friend Tayler"

"Tails, so which one of you spunky boys is Xavier?" she said

"That'd be me" Xavier said

"Oohhhh, spunkiest of the lot" She said putting arm around Ruby.

Xavier got embaressed

"I'm gonna get a coffee" she said and walked up to the counter

"Hi, can i get a strong soy latte please"

"Sure" Belle replied

Tayler looked around at the people sitting at the tables.

"Oh god" she said after bumping into Aden and getting cold coffee spilt on her singlet.

"I'm so sorry" Aden said

"No i'm the one who should be sorry, i wasn't watching what i was doing" Tayler replied looking at her top then looked at Aden.

"Can i take off your shirt" she asked Aden

"What?" he asked frowning

"Well you don't expect me to get around with wearing a white $14 singlet covered in cold coffee do you"

Aden still frowned

"Lift your arms up" she said running her hands up his body and taking off his shirt and then took off her own.

"I'm Tayler" she said putting Aden's shirt on

He smiled standing bare chested.


"Nice to meet you Aden" Tayler said

"Was that some sort of attempt to get me to notice you" Aden asked

"If it was, did it work?" she replied and took her coffee

"Oh" she said throwing her singlet at him

"Just so you don't get cold" she said walking back over to Ruby.


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I'm losing this battle with revision - I keep procrastinating, and all the decent fictions and writers could be held a quarter responsible - along with my willingness to be distracted :P

I like this - can't wait to see how the big cast list you have included in the title all fit into the plot. :)

Looking forward to the next chapter

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Aden was walking along the beach with Nicole when they noticed Tayler sitting on the bonet of her car arguing on the phone.

"I gotta go, i'm sick of this" she said and hung up the phone.

"Tayler wasn't it" Aden called

She looked up at him and smiled.

"Come for your shirt?" she asked

"You ok, i heard you on the phone" Aden asked

"Fine, who's your friend?" Tayler asked

"Oh this is Nicole" Aden said

Nicole gave a little wave.

"Can you help me, i need to put some stuff into the boot" Tayler asked

"Yeah sure" Aden said

Tayler opened the boot and Aden and Nicole helped her put some stuff in the.

Nicole walked backward while Tayler went to close the boot but hit Aden on the head as she was pulling it down

Aden let out a painful scream.

"Oh god, i'm so sorry, i didn't know that would hit you" Tayler said

Nicole folded her arms knowing she meant to do it

"You're bleeding, i think you should sit"

She opened the front passenger side door.

"I think you need stitches" Tayler

"How do you feel?" Tayler asked

"Faint" Aden told her

"I should take you to the hospital, Nicole are you coming? she asked and got in the car


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