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  1. Yeah, but April's got no other family there. That's were the difference to "most often" in reality comes in. I too was excited about the Ruby/April potential, too bad they wasted it.
  2. Cute scenes in today's aus episode Don't like that they're not living together, though. Now there'll probably be next to no scenes between them And really, are Liam and Bianca planning on staying in their shack forever? Don't Liam have a place, or did he give that up when he left?
  3. I really like their dynamic now. At the beginning, it felt a bit forced from the writers' side, trying to portray them as so incredibly wordly etc. with the language and all. And April's extreme occupation with Bianca/Vittorio didn't sit well with me. The scenes from 5220 were absolutely lovely, and reflected new character development. Th warmer Bianca who has been brought out of her closed, cold-hearted self and April, who's cynical and quik-witted approach mirror some over-seas events.
  4. Really good update, the story is coming into its own now. I'm liking the fairy tale turn of events
  5. Yay, more from you! I love your narrative, and charcterization. And plot. All of it really
  6. Whoot! Great chapter! The progress and dialogue seems realistic, a great plus. You're the best writer on Bianca/Liam fanfics right now, no doubt about it! What is Vittorio up to? And how caught up in Xavier is April? I love unresolved questions. Good job
  7. I'm trying, I really am. Because I do have empathy, but it can only get me so far. She is really hard to stomach now. And it's such a shame, as her characters used to be very likeable. And I adored her sibling relationship with Charlie. Honestly, I wish they would've never done the mother/daughter revelation storyline.
  8. Oh, it's good! I love the length of the sentences, nice fluency The different perspectives are interesting.
  9. Sounds good, Zetti I'm interested in everything to do with Bianca/Liam/Vittorio to be honest I like your choice to let Bianca and Vittorio be married. Good starting point, I think.
  10. I know this is incredibly irrelevant, but I just have to express how gorgeous I find April - or Rihannon, if you wish. On a more subject relevant note, I like her character - although I would be exhausted and annoyed with her in real life, I believe. I'm enjying her relationship with Bianca. I haven't seen the last episode (5215),
  11. Oh, that was really beautiful! You captured emotions and moods wonderfully ^^, Awesome work I love these two!
  12. Even though I love the idea of a good storyline between the two, I wish we didn't lose their close relationship, which I love ^^,
  13. Great start! Loved the introductions ^^ It was a good effect how every part started with some short sentences
  14. Both sound good, I especially like the first idea ^^ Sounds interesting.
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