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David 'Gardy' Gardiner - Jeremy Sims

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Although I watch H&A at Australian Pace I noticed (through watching H&A on Fiver) tonight that Gardy (Played By Jeremy Sims) is popping up on UK screens now - and I thought it would be good to create a thread discussing this eccentric, slightly mad character who at first I didn't think I would like but I actually enjoy watching now.


I guess it would be best (even though the transmission gap is rather small at the moment) to keep all Discussion about his scenes airing in Aus in spoiler tags and as UK viewers catch up they can pick up on the conversation - I am trying my best to cater for spoilers here, although some may be unavoidable.


Anyway - After tonight's


Bank Robbery and stuff that happened Pre that

I think he reminds me of The Joker from The Dark Knight

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Although I despise Gardy, I actually enjoy watching him! :lol:

I mean H&A can't have just good guys all the time, but the thing is, you know that the bad guy isn't a permanant role which is kinda annoying because for once a bad guy should stick around! :lol:

I mean yes he is a creep, yes he does have features of a gerbil, yes he is repulsive - but theres just something which makes the show more exciting.

I think Jezza is doing great in playing the role!

However I change my mind all the time, so it's questionable to whether in a week or two I'm still gunna like him.

But I doubt he'll even be around in two weeks! :rolleyes:

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I hope they have left Gardy's storyline unresolved for a reason..........that reason being the return of Roman at some stage down the track!

I loved his character in the beginning - he was such a breath of fresh air to the Bay with his edgy humour and the way he rubbed people up the wrong way. But in the end, it became clear he had a nasty streak to his character and was acting purely out of self-interest. I guess he served as the catalyst for Roman's exit storyline.

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Gardy was awesome right from the get-go in my opinion. He came along at the right time to. As there was nobody else like him in the Bay. Still isn't if you ask me. I hope he makes a return somewhere down the line.

Anyway.. I'm currently working with a few connections to try and find out who made Gardy and Jack Holdon's leather biker jackets. Because well.. They're awesome. If I don't end up finding the vendor, a friend of mine maybe able to hook me up with some replicas. So if anybody is interested - let me know.

In the mean-time, does anybody have any pictures of video clips of Gardy and Jack wearing their jackets? That would be a huge help since I can't seem to find any anywhere. But to be honest, I don't really know where to look.

Also, the two patches on gardy's jacket, does anyone know what the one on the left chest says, the one closest to the shoulder section? The other one is a "189" number patch. But I can never make out the other.

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Gardy is as mad as hell, really creepy and so sleazy, but H&A always make mindless madmen sooooo ridiculously entertaining that you can't not find them enjoyable. Credit to Jeremy Sims too I think he plays the part brilliantly.

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Gardy reminds me of a Bond villain with his funny voices and endless joking at everyone's expense. I think the actor does a brilliant job. I was looking at his face in close ups, its quite a good looking face but of course he has grown all this hair for the part. I wonder what he looks like normally.

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