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Mark Furze takes on troops in East Timor

Guest **Julie**

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Ex Home and Away star Mark Furze takes on troops in East Timor

The Daily Telegraph

May 25 2009


BESIDES entertaining our troops, there was one major drawcard for former Home and Away hunk Mark Furze to go to East Timor for five days with his band Falcon Road.

"The (soldiers) have been over there for eight months so even if we sucked real bad, they still would have liked it," Furze said, laughing, after returning.

Doing gigs in six bases at Dili, the soap star-turned-rock-singer rode in tanks and Blackhawk helicopters and shot automatic machine guns (with blanks, of course) but the trip had its dangers.

"I was kind of scared of catching a disease like malaria or something."

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That's great, I think those things are really important for soldiers who serve in conflict areas like East Timor.

I assume Australia has something similar to the USO tours the US Army has? Or was it just his band randomly deciding they wanted to do something like that?

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I think it's good that bands etc. go to places like East Timor. It must be good for the soldiers.

Eli, I think that there are NZ'ers in Timor and pretty much wherever we are the Australians are, too. I could be wrong, though.

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