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Nick Smith - Chris Egan

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Dont know if this is the right place to post this but I hope it is.

Chris egan is going to be starring alongside Amanda seyfield in the Rom-com Letters to Juliet.

The release dates are:

Australia 13 May 2010

USA 14 May 2010

Czech Republic 20 May 2010

UK 21 May 2010

Netherlands 17 June 2010

Finland 16 July 2010

Norway 16 July 2010

Germany 19 August 2010


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I began watching H&A in around 1999/2000 - so Nick and co. were my first teenage group and remain possibly my favourite !

Nick was an excellent character , I loved his relationship with Irene and his siblings Hayley & Will .

Nick & Jade were my favourite H&A couple and I was so happy when they got together ! I love watching old videos of them on Youtube and remembering the good old days !

I loved his involvement in the Angie Russell storyline !

It's a pity Nick & Jade broke up in the end though , I hated her & Seb together .

Nick was possibly one of my favourite characters of all time


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Yeah, I have fond memories of Nick.He was a bit of a jerk when he came in and he had the whole sort of mayhem-causing double act thing going with the equally "Spawn of Satan" Duncan.Then you had the turning point(which ironically was at pretty much exactly the point the show moved from ITV to Channel 5 in the UK)where he defended Irene from his mentally unstable mother and began to accept his new family.I actually quite liked him with Kirsty and thought they made a good couple but when he started going out with Jade I was an instant convert.They were one of those surprisingly stable couples who tended to get overlooked a bit because they didn't tend to get the big dramatic fight scenes but that was just what I loved about them.Shame that he had to leave her behind but at least they parted on good terms.I always imagine they got back together in the end anyway.

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