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Ada Nicodemou returns to theatre to increase ethnicity

Guest **Julie**

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Ada Nicodemou returns to theatre to increase ethnicity

The Daily Telegraph

May 11 2009

FROM walking the sands of Summer Bay to treading the boards at Marrickville, Ada Nicodemou is having a crack at live theatre for the first time in eight years.

The Home And Away sweetheart is returning to theatre as a show of support for increased ethnicity in the performing arts.

Having gained her break on the culturally diverse television show Heartbreak High, Greek-Australian Nicodemou believes it is high time the theatre scene began looking for people of varied ethnic backgrounds.

"When I was growing up, I noticed there weren't a lot of characters I could relate to on television or in theatres or whatever," Nicodemou said.

"Mum would have to take me to places like the Cypriot Club to see theatre shows, and it was a big 'Wow!' to see people who looked like me and to hear stories I could relate to."

This week, Nicodemou will join the Greek-Australian group Take Away Theatre, which has been producing professional plays for the local Greek community for two decades.

The group rehearses in a room above a yeeros shop and performs at Marrickville's Sidetrack Theatre.

Its shows regularly sell out, but difficult financial conditions are threatening to end the company - so Nicodemou has joined the cast for six performances of The Show Must Go On, which opens on Wednesday.

The group is aiming to raise funds for future projects.


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This does not mean Leah is leaving Home and Away because Home and Away will not be the same without her.

No. It states in the article that she is featuring in a total of six shows only. A lot of the cast have featured in theatre shows along side working on h&a, in the past. So it's nothing new for Ada to do the same & take up this opportunity.

Great to see her doing something different & working on stage. :D Thanks for posting, Julie. :)

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