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Our Love Is Strong

Guest Sarah_Lewis

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Title:: Our love is strong

Type of fic:: Dont know yet

Characters:: Joey/Charlie maybe more

Genre: Romance

Rating:: G

Warnings: None unless you wanna be warned about the kissing lol

Does story contain spoilers: nope

Is story being proof read: no

Summary:: Joey and charlie dating I dunnoo...

Okay this is my first fic in a long timee and I know there's some I haven't finished but I promise I'll try finish this onee (:

Joeys diary entry one:

I cant believe I’m with the most cutest, loveliest person ever!!

Charlie, she means the world to me, I’d hate it if I lost her, I love her so much it hurts not to be with her all of the time, well when she’s not at work, I’m really thankful she was there through that horrible stuff with Robbo, she helped me a lot, if it wasn’t for her I don’t know what I’d of done, I might not of even been here now.

Well I must go, I’m meeting Charlie for lunch on the boat..

Love Joey

Charlie walked to the boat ramp leaning against the pole while she waited for Joey, they were having lunch on the boat today, she found it kind of romantic, it would be the two of them just like she liked it, she had been so happy lately and didn’t want it to end ever, Joey made her feel like that, ever since that first day they got together, deep in thought she didn’t notice Joey come,

“Hey babe..”

Joey smiled, looking into Charlie’s eyes, she could see the love in them,

“Hey cutie!”

Charlie smiled at her as they walked onto the boat, all she wanted to do was grab her and kiss her but she fought it for now,

“How’s your day been??”

Joey asked looking at her and placed the picnic basket on the table, starting the boat she drove into the middle of the ocean,

“Good, but even better now you’re here”

Charlie grinned as they stopped looking out to sea then suddenly she grabbed Joeys arm and kissed her softly yet lovingly, not wanting to let her go but she pulled away slowly anyway,

“Mmm good glad your happy, so wanna have lunch now then?”

Joey asked as she kissed her back gently, when Charlie pulled away Joey took her hand and led her to the seat then sat opposite her,

“Yes please I’m starving!”

Charlie giggled, opening the picnic basket getting the food out herself and placing it around the table, smiling she grabbed herself a plate and filled it up,

“dig in babe!”

Joey smiled taking a plate and half filled it, they sat in silence for half an hour while they ate, not knowing what to say Joey just sat there looking at Charlie as they ate, she was so glad she had her, Charlie made her feel like she was on top of the world and no one could hurt her, she felt safe when she was with her,

“Thanks for that Jo it was all really nice!”

Charlie smiled breaking the silence as she wiped her face on a serviette,

“Its alright no need to thank me I enjoyed myself, anyway we better get he boat back I promised Alf I’d have it back by three at the latest”

Joey smiled and cleaned up, putting everything back in the basket then stood up and drove back to shore.

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End of Chapter one::

Joey smiled as she walked to the surf club with Charlie hand in hand they walked in, not taking any care in the world to the people staring at them, let them stare was what she thought, smiling again she walked into the surf club and over to Alf,

“Thanks Alf for lending the boat!”

Joey smiled handing Alf the keys back, she wondered what he thought about her and Charlie,

“No problem Joey hope you had a good time, so I see that special someone was Charlie, good on you two I say who cares what anyone else thinks”

Alf said looking at both Charlie and Joey, he didn’t care they were together, he supported them unlike some people in this town,

“Thanks Alf yeah she was the special someone I love her so much, I’m glad you support us god knows what the rest of the town will think when its out”

Joey sighed slightly looking over at Charlie who was now silent,

“Thanks Alf, I don’t care what other people think as long as we’re happy that’s the main thing”

Charlie smiled looking at Joey then Alf, she was glad he was so supportive, she wondered how Ruby would take the news, really she should of told her first,

“Not a problem, so I’ll see you two later kind of a busy day here”

Alf smiled serving another customer, then waved good bye to Charlie and Joey as they left the surf club.

“Well he took that well”

Joey smiled softly looking at Charlie, she hoped she had enjoyed there lunch on the boat ass he had,

“Yeah surprisingly he did, I just hope Rubes takes it the same way…”

Charlie bit her lip and looked at Joey then at her house, she wondered if Ruby was home, letting go of Joeys hand just in case she opened the front door and walked in throwing her keys on the draws,

“She’ll be fine I bet you…”

Joey smiled reassuring her, she saw Ruby’s school bag by the table, she was home,

“So I guess I should go and tell her then”

Charlie let out a light sigh, this was going to be hard but she knew she had to do it,

“want me to sit in?”

Joey asked looking at Charlie, she’d need support when she told her,

“Umm yes please Jo”

Charlie smiled, her heart was racing, slightly scared she walked into the lounge and sat on the couch with Joey,

“Rubes can you come out here we need to talk!”

Charlie called out to Ruby, she was obviously in her room, biting her lip when she came in she looked at her slightly nervous,

“Erm yeah what is it??”

Ruby asked sitting on the opposite seat from Charlie, whatever it was Charlie wanted to tell her was obviously serious,

“Un well this is kind of hard for me and I err don’t know how you’ll take it… but I’m dating Joey…”

Charlie looked to Joey and bit her lip taking her hand in hers,

“omg wow, you and Joey, Joey and my sister dating!!”

Ruby smiled slightly, she didn’t know what to think but she knew this was the happiest she’d seen her sister in a long time and whatever made Charlz happy made her happy, sure it would take her awhile to get used to her sister dating a girl but she could she had to for her sisters sake, she wondered what dad would say when he found out,

“So your not angry or anything you going to support us??”

Charlie asked smiling as she squeezed Joeys hand gently, she was happy her sister took it well she was half expecting her not to talk to her again but she didn’t do that,

“How could I be angry Charlz? I’m happy for you and whatever makes you happy makes me happy, it’ll just take some time for me to get used to you with Jo but I will”

Ruby smiled and looked at Joey then Charlie, she still couldn’t get over it,

“Thanks Rubes thank you so much, we hope the rest of the town are so good about as you were”

Charlie smiled and rested her head on Joeys shoulder, she was really happy for the first time in her life,

“No need to thank me Charlz, well anyway I better get back to school or I’ll get in trouble”

Ruby hugged both Charlie and Joey then walked out back to school,

“And I best get back to work even though I’m the boss, will you be okay here on your own Jo?”

Charlie smiled and looked at Joey,

“Yeah I’ll be fine, you go I’ll see you after work yeah”

Joey smiled and kissed Charlie passionately,

“Good see you round 8ish”

Charlie grinned kissing her back then left for work.

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