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  2. OMG, that's quite sad. Especially the last bit. Good fic though.
  3. Smashing chapter again and great ending.
  4. AAAAAAAAAAAH! Why did you stop there? :o You do realise I have to go to work tomorrow, now how the hell am I meant to concentrate? Really can't understand why you don't like it, I'm on the edge of my seat.
  5. Superb again, keep the updates coming.
  6. If you delete this fic I'll shoot you. Hee hee, just kidding. It is excellent though so don't give up on it as others have said. I like the few chapters I have read, seems to be going in an interesting direction.
  7. Hiya, how are you? Hope Uni is going OK. :) I don't know if your computer is running a bit slow still as I remember you had problems before but I sent you a couple of PMs about the Celtic game I was at the other night. One of them was the full clip of the penalty shoot-out. Hope you got it OK. :)

  8. Hiya, just got your comment and sent you a pm. I've got zillions of chapters to catch up on your fic and can't wait. :)

    I will get round to commenting soon, I promise. :)

  9. Hee hee, goody. Two updates. I wasn't on last night because I wasn't in the best of moods. Thank you for two nice fluffy chappies. Irene is evil for taking all Belle's chocolate. I don't care if it's for her own good, that is cruel. Don't know what you thought was OOC btw, it was just a nice fluffy chapter.
  10. I hope you can update but don't worry if you can't. The sneak peak has (just about) kept me happy. Don't know why but I did laugh when I read that bit.
  11. Well, I'll forgive the lack of fluff as I suppose it would get boring if that's all there was. * Good chappie again, I hope Aden doesn't go in a huff because it's not as if Belle asked Amanda to sign the house over to them, it was just a present. Don't you dare make them argue, unless of course you make it better again. * Who am I kidding? There is no such thing as boring fluff.
  12. Damn, I was wrong then. Good update though mate. Update soon.
  13. Oh, don't be evil, you can't kill them. I already would have had a heart attack reading that Stockholm Syndrome fic if I hadn't managed to spoil it for myself by accidently reading one of the comments. Well, your Uni work is more important, I remember what it was like having assignments and exams coming out your ears. I'm sure your writing would be good enough to manage both fics at once though.
  14. No, he is definitely with me, I can see him clearly and, before you ask, I am completely sober. Oh, choices, choices, I could certainly read any fic you write forever. What do you think to the idea of doing a sequel and the other fic you've got in mind? Since Todd is actually with me, it's not as if you'll have any distractions.
  15. Listen you are both kidding yourselves because Todd is sitting here beside me and laughing at you all telling porkies. As for the IPS error, join the queue, I'm first to kill whoever invented it. Just you concentrate on your fic, you've got a lot of chappies to write. A word to the wise though, 60 isn't even nearly enough unless you're going to promise another sequel.
  16. I think but that's the only reason I can think of so I could be completely wrong. But then a part of me thinks that would be a bit petty so I'm not sure. You never know though. Well you do obviously since you're writing the fic. It is good btw, very interesting.
  17. Taniya mate, you are definitely not bad with words. Or fluff it has to be said. Brilliant as ever. Oh, I keep getting that IPS error as well, God know what it is.
  18. You don't have to worry about the questions, there's plenty of fluff so you're forgiven. Superb as ever. I knew as soon as I started reading the bit where he asked Roman to be his best man that was what he was going to do. I'm getting quite good at speculating if I say so myself.
  19. I wondered if you'd have a picture. Nice. Good update as well. I started panicking when I saw the other post you had saying you weren't sure when the update would be up, I was starting to think we'd have another updateless evening.
  20. Hmmm so you want some criticism then?..... Tough, there is none. Sorry, in a crazy mood tonight. Anyway, Amanda turning down the chance to go shopping? I agree with the other suggestions because this is SHOPPING she is giving up.
  21. Ha ha ha, that was quality. Yes the fluff had been lacking a bit up until then but it doesn't matter because you still manage to make the fic so interesting. That list of names looks pretty enough but I think I'd kill my parents if they'd given me a name like that (no offence to anyone who does have a name like that ). I wonder if it is a boy or a girl, after what Aden said, I'd laugh if it was a boy.
  22. And I loved reading it. I loved how it went from her going mental chucking out all the coffee to how she reacted to the scan.
  23. Don't apologise for it being long, your chappies can never be "too long". It was excellent. The way Mattie found out was . I was wondering how she suddenly worked it out, I'd forgotten about the book hidden under the pillow, my memory's shocking at times.
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