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Favorite Timmins

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I miss them all :( Dylan was my favourite because he was the prettiest (boy) and I adored his twisted co-dependent relationship with Paul. Every member of the Timmins family was worth their weight in gold. I didn't like the biological blind one because she was a cow, but I assume that role lead to Tessa James becoming our dear sweet Nicole, so it all worked out in the end :)

I especially miss Scottie though. If miracles could happen... I'd love to have him back :(

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Eliza Talyor-Cotter mentioned in an interview with Perfect Blend in December 2007, that she might come back after 2 years if the producers asked her. It's 2 years this year since she finished filming, so, I think we're all awaiting the news of her return.

I really hope she does return with the rest of the Timmins, Bree, Janelle and Allan Steiger. It would just be the best news but also if Pepper, Rosie and Frazer returned aswell.

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