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Toby Cassidy / Nicole Franklin

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title - Toby Cassidy

Type Of story - long fic

genre - drama

rating - A

stars - Toby / Nicole and others

spoilers - no

warnings - language / sexual references / adult themes

plot - After a fight with Geoff Nicole runs out crying and is almost attacked by a guy when Toby a good looking kid saves her they soon begin a close friendship


Toby was sitting in an ally way throwning stones into a tin when he heard screaming. he got up slowly walked down a little further to see what was going on when he saw one of his friends attacking Nicole.

"Hey, Hey Tommy stop" Toby called

"Cassidy leave" the guy shouted at him

Toby picked up an iron bar sitting there and hit Tommy in the face with it.

"Go on get now" Toby yelled as Tommy started to walk backwards with his hand over his brooken nose.

Toby turned to Nicole

"You ok?" he asked her

"Yeah" Nicole replied crying

"Come on i'll walk you home" he said

"How do i know you wont do the same" she asked

"I just hit one of my friends in the face and i've now probably got a target on my back, so why would i do the same" Toby replied

"Now get up" he continued

"I don't wanna go home" she told him

Toby took a deep breath

"Why do i always get sucked into this crap" he whispered to himself

Nicole stood up

"Alright fine, c'mon"


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Nicole followed Toby as it started to rain. They stopped at a house.

Toby looked to see if any lights were on or if there was a car in the driveway

"Come on let's get out of the rain" he said walking in to the driveway

"Why don't you just use your key?" Nicole asked and Toby gave a slight laugh

"Do you live here?" she asked

"Nope" he said climbing through the window

"Who lives here?" Nicole asked

"Dunno" he told her helping her in through the window

He took he shirt and jeans off

"Find some dry clothes" he told her

She saw him walk into a room an open closets looking for clothes

"So what's your name" he asked

"Nicole" she replied

"Well Nicole, i have something for you"

She frowned


He threw a g string at her

"Have you cheked your fridge yet" he asked

"How do you know no one's staying here tonight?" she asked

He threw a beer at her

"Just live a little" he told her and turned the tv on


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Nicole was drying her hair as she walked out of the bathroom after having a shower, while Toby was looking thew cupboards

"Can you believe this house has no food no money and no jewlrey worth stealing" he said to Nicole

"Hey thanks for helping me last night, i just realized i didn't thank you" Nicole said

"No big deal" he replied

Nicole smiled

"We better go before a friend comes around to bring the mail in or to water the plants or something" he told her

"Yeah ok" she said putting her shoes on and he picked up his back pack and they climbed out the window

"So where to now" she asked

"What your not going home" he asked

"I had a fight with my boyfriend and my dad took his side over mine, and i don't feel like making up yet" she told him

"Well now we get breakfast" he said turning and walking down a lane way and to the back of an ols persons home where the was a van full of food parked outside.

What are we doing here?" she asked

He smiled and handed her two trays with Earl Tanner and Btsy Sugarman written on stickers stuck on the lid

"Who are Earl Tanner and Betsy Sugarman" she asked

"People" he replied

"And why arent they getting breakfast today?" she asked

"Because thankfully they the misfortune of dying, but i'm alive and starrving and i have no money" he said

They walked away from the van

"Hungry" he asked

"Yeah" she replied

"Poridge or corn flakes" he asked

""Corn flakes" she replied

"Well i'm still having the apple juice" he told her taking it

"They got to an old train station

He put his food tray down and forced a carige door open and picked his food up and walked inside

"What is this placed?" Nicole asked

"My home" he told her

"Then how come you stayed in the other house last night?"

"Because it was cold and this place has no heating" he told her


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Toby and Nicole were walking back to the old train after stealing food from the hospital.

"Wont your parents be wondering where you are?" Toby asked Nicole

"Dad wil think i'm staying with mum because i'm mad at him, wont your parents be wondering where you are?' she replied

"My mum died giving birth to me and my dad died when i was twelve so i've been on the street ever since"

"How have you survived" she asked

"Live in the caridge, steal food, rob people and on cold nights stay in vacant houses oh this one time when it was raining i pretended i had a really bad pain in my stomach and went to the hospital saying it could be my apendix but apparently it was a false alarm. i got to stay in hospital anyway" he told her

She laughed

They heard banging on the caridge door as they started to reach the old train and he tugged he down behind a broken brick wall

"You have to go" he whispered

"What's going on, who are they" she asked

"Tommy and his friends"

"You mean the guy who attacked me" she asked

"yeah now just go"

"What about you, come with me"

"I can take care of myself"

"No she told him and started to cry

"Promise me you'll go home"

Nicole didn't move

"Go" he said hitting her across the face with back of his hand.

"Nicole we are not friends we never have been, i don't like you, the only reason i stayed with is because i wanted to get into your pants now go" he said pushing her away

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Toby saw a blurry Nicole as he opened his eyes.

"You broke a promise" he said softly

"Yeah sorry" she replied

"For the record i never wanted to get into your pants" he told her

"Oh come on you know you did" she replied

"More like you wanted to gt into mine" he said

"How can you joke when you're black and blue like you are"

"Takes the pain away" he said spitting blood out of his mouth

"Where are we going?"

"To the hospital" she told him

"I'm allergic to doctors" he joked

"Your going now come on" she said


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Toby walked in the surfclub and saw Geoff and Jai playing pool

"Hey do you guys know Nicole Franklin?" he asked

"Why do want her?" Geoff asked

"Toby, i'm a friend of hers" he replied

"Hey i know all her friends and i've never seen you before" Geoff snapped

"You must be Geoff"

"That's me" he told him

"Do you know where she is or not" Toby asked him

"Why do you want her?"

"I just wanna tell her something" he told Geoff

"Tell me and i'll pass it on"

"You she told me you were controlling, but she never said you'd be so jelous" Toby said

Geoff folded his arms

"Ok Geoff it was really great meeting you"

Nicole walked in as Toby turned around to leave

"Hey how are you?" she asked Toby

"I'm ok, listen thanks for taking me to the hospital and sorry i yelled at at you" he told her

"That's ok are we still friends" she asked

"You'll have to check with your boyfriend on that" he told her and walked out

She followed him

"Screw what Geoff thinks, i think you're cool and i wanna be friends"

"Wait what did you just you just say" he said as he stopped

"I wanna be friends"

"No before that" He said

"I think you're cool"

"I'm sorry i didn't catch that say it again"

She messed up his white blonde hair and put her arm around him

"Hungry?" she asked

"Starving" he replied

"Come on my dad's a chef" she said


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