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Meg's Funeral

Guest Winnie

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Can anyone remember the poem read by Blake at Meg's Funeral??? (1992) I can't find it anywhere on the net. I just remember it had lines such as "Death is just a door that and nothing more" and "two leaves on the same tree that never meet until the autumn comes and we fall touching" - Something like that anyway. It was a beautiful poem and I would really like to know what it is called

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^ I'm sorry, I can't help. Perhaps it was just supposed to be written by Blake.

Something I've wondered about Meg. Was she on the show long before she died? I don't think she was ever anything more than a guestie, was she? That makes me wonder how come we were all so attached to her and affected by this storyline. Can someone with a long-reaching memory perhaps fill me in?

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She was on the show for approximately 60 episodes, which is less than 3 months. I guess though sometimes things work, sometimes they don't. I think it helps it was the first time they did this kind of storyline and they've now done at least another two off the top of my head which have had really similar elements, which have been poorly received.

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She had luekaemia I think it was, and was dying and in the end died in Blake's arms on the beach watching the sunrise.

That was the first time I actually cried my heart out watching H&A. :(

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Is this anything to do with it?


- M. Ward (c. 2009 Crooked Spine Music/Bug Music/ASCAP)

"Death is just a Door"

Blake said it First

It's just another Room we Enter

its the Threshold that Hurts

Birth is just a Chorus

and Death is just a Verse

in the Great Song of Spring

that the Mockingbrids Sing:

We come and We Go

A-Weeping and A-Wailing

Our Heads in the Hands of the Nurse

Put your Head on my Shoulder Baby

Tell me Where it Hurts

You say you Lost your One and Only

Could it Get any Worse?

I say, "Death is just a Door

Youll be Reunited on the Other Side"

Its alright.

"Death is just a Door

You'll be Reunited Bye and Bye"

Found on http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseact...logId=471313544

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About Meg. She came to the bay with her mum. She started going out with Blake, which her mum initially opposed as her mum was overly protective of her. She hadn't told Blake about her illness at this stage.

Then it was all revealed that she had terminal leukemia and not long to live. She and Blake wanted to get married, but there wasn't much time. On the morning of her death she told Blake that she wanted to watch the sunrise one last time---she died in his arms. So sad, I remember it really well though, very emotional scene.

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