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Tom's birthday speech in the pilot episode

Guest river4ever

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The first time I saw the pilot episode was on the romances dvd and towards the beginning Tom makes a speech to Pippa and the kids at his 40th birthday. He talks about how he's looking forward to watching all of them grow up/have families of their own/celebrate their own 40ths etc. It kind of made me a little sad, knowing he got killed off 2 years later, so he never got the chance to see all that.

Did Roger quit or was he axed? Because if he was axed then I can't understand why the producers wanted to get rid of such a popular and important character so early on in the series.

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^ I can't answer whether Roger Oakley was sacked or her quit, but I would imagine he quit seeing as he came back last year in Sally's dream sequence.

Tom's speech is very sad. I think him losing his job with all those kids to look after was very sad too and is very relevant again these days.

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I really liked the speech Tom made at the very beginning!!

I likedhow he named out all his kids and the camera followed them as he went on. I remember the scene where he found out he would eb losing his job and it was sad because they might nothave been able to keep their kids.

I loved all the stuff in the pilot with Frank and Steven about Steven taking fighting lessons I think it was.

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