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Tessa James article, in NZ Creme Magazine.

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Tessa James may play the spoilt, sort-of bad girl on Home and Away, but it’s brought nothing but good into her real life. She gets to work on one of the most popular shows on the telly, play at the beach, kiss gorgeous guys and get paid for doing what she loves: acting. Tessa told Creme all about it and answered your burning questions…

Tessa talks about happy first days…

Was your first day on the set of Home and Away kind of like a first day at a new school?

Oh yeah! [Laughs] It was really similar. It was quite nerve-wracking! I’d had a quick look around the set and went on a tour of the studio before I started, but my actual first day was on location…at 3.30am! We had to be out on the beach for this scene that had to be during a sunrise so it was insanely early! Everyone was really nice though! When I think back though, yeah [Laughs] it was so like a first day at a new school!

Do you remember your actual first day at a new school?

Oh yeah, I remember my first day of high school. The school I went to was an all girls’ school and my first day was very daunting coz there were just so many girls! I wasn’t used to that. The first day was pretty well set-out though, with games and things so we got to meet people and make some new friends. It was a bit scary, but it was really exciting and fun at the same time.

Do you have any advice for Creme readers who might be going to a new school this year?

Be yourself! Have fun! Just be open to everything and enjoy yourself.

Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions for Nicole?

I hope she stays kinda bad actually, it’s fun playing the bad girl. I hope she causes lots of mischief and trouble! [Laughs]

Source: www.crememagazine.co.nz

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