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Watching Current 2009 H&a Eoisodes On Youtube

Guest -Kevin-

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Hi guys I have started uploading current 2009 episodes to youtube !!

They are in true HD and not like all the other H&A episode uploads because there only recirded on the HD channel but my H&A videos are actual HD episodes and are very high quality. I have very quick upload speeds so the episodes will be up as soon as I have them..

Please watch from :


Now make sure you click " WATCH IN HD"

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Hi guys I am happy that you guys like the quality of my uploads and they are always a bit later than the normal uploads to youtube because I get the actual HD episodes from Diwana and there such big files that it takes a while to download and then I have to split them.

I am nearly finished uploading part 1 and then part 2 and 3 should be up soon.

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Hi guys I sadly wont be uploading the current australian H&A episodes to Youtube anymore because I got a letter in the door today from the internet provider saying that I have exceeded the limit for uploading/downloading.

The limit was 250GB and I had gone up to 350GB

The HD H&A files are the main cause of this because the files are so big when uploading to Youtube

I was told I would be disconnected if it continued so.

I never even knew this could happen, but it did :(

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