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Las Vegas

Guest Barbara

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I thought I'd start a thread for the TV show Las Vegas as I couldn't find one.

I really like this show. I like the fact it takes place in a casino/hotel. It doesn’t always have to be police stations, labs and/or courts.

There was drama, comedy, romance, mystery, action etc. You had it all!

I'm really disappointed with the last episode. What a stupid and frustrating ending! <_< I know they couldn’t film more episodes because of the writers’ strike but they could have filmed a decent last episode once they knew the show was being axed. The fans deserved a proper ending! <_<

Now we’ll never know what happened to Delinda and her baby.

Anyone else watches/watched this show? :unsure:

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If you like shows with bad acting, i also recommend the new version of Knight Rider (same executive producer and "creator"). ^^

(Imho Tom Selleck was the best thing about the show.. it could have been done so much better)

PS! They did not get rid of Ed. James Caan wanted out himself to pursue other projects.

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