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Love Is A Killer

Guest BillyK

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Story Title: Love Is A Killer

Type of story: Long Fiction

Main Characters: Belle Taylor, Aden Jefferies, Detective Andrews, Emily Childs.

Supporting Characters: Amanda Holden, Drew Curtis, Irene Roberts, Leah Baker, Jack Holden, Annie Campbell, Ruby Buckton, Jai Fernandez, Geoff Campbell, Nicole Frankin.

BTTB rating: General

Genre: Mystery Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Mild V and L

Summary: Detective Andrews has been summoned to Summer Bay to solve a mystery attack on Belle. Each chapter will reveal hidden clues to as who may of attack Belle. Whether from past events or on the day of the attack, these clues will help in the case.

Chapter One (Belle Centric)

The alarm sounded. For approximately seventeen seconds the alarm kept on making a loud buzzing noise that could only be describe as irritating. Finally, after some long deliberation, Belle Taylor had decided to get out of her cocoon, that was a bed and wake up to what was going to be just another long day for her.

Immediately after turning the alarm off, Belle was lifelessly standing up and looking at her in the mirror, like she does every other day. She then staggered towards her wardrobe to pick out what to wear. The effects of Belle Taylor getting up at half eight in the morning were becoming clearer and clearer. She got changed into what everyone would describe as a typical Belle outfit, and the opened the door to head to the bathroom to freshen herself up.

Putting a brush through her brunette hair and brushing her teeth at the same time, she took another long look at herself in the mirror before rinsing her mouth out and then exiting the bathroom.

It was now approaching ten to nine. Belle came into the main room of the beachouse just to have Irene nag at her. “What time do you call this now, ey?” Irene asked. Belle just glared at her for a minute, secretly trying to think of an answer. “Ten to nine.” she answered whilst briefly looking at the clock directly opposite her. “No!” Irene shouted in anger at Belles little clever remark. “It’s time your work start misses. Honestly Belle Darl’, it’s not worth the hassle now is it.” Two seconds later, Belle had realised what Irene had said and replied by yelling “Aden! You think me sleeping in a couple of minutes late has anything to do with Aden! I’m over him!” Irene had to resort to silence whilst Belle continued her rant. “How dare you Irene! I mean, I don’t get involved in your love life so there is no need for you to get involved mine! Jeez. I’m going a work.” Before Irene even got the chance to say a little bye to Belle, she was out of the door, fuming.


Rushing along the beach, Belle needed to get to work and fast because it was coming up to nine o clock but before she could get there, she had to bump into the ex, Aden. “Belle, I’m…” Before Aden could even finish, Belle was straight in there. “You’re what? Sorry! Well sorry don’t cut it for me Aden. You’ve lied to me about it for so long, and for what. She don’t love you, I don’t love you so the only person that loves you now is yourself.” “Belle, I swear to you it was a mistake. She didn’t mean anything.” Aden replied. “Oh yeah she didn’t mean anything that’s why you’ve been sleeping with her for the past seven months.” Belle said with anger.

“Well it was…”

“It wasn’t a mistake Aden! Otherwise you would have not slept with her in the first place.” Belle rudely interrupted again. She then took her eyes off Aden and then focused them on her watch. She had been late for work. “Thanks a lot Aden. Now instead of just losing a boyfriend I might be losing my job now as well.” she said whilst running, leaving her ex standing there alone, watched by some spectators.


Belle then rushed into the Den with the usual crowd in there. Leah at that time was serving a customer; otherwise she would have given Belles ultimatum right then. Belle hurried herself to the kitchen, ignoring “Hi’s” from Ruby, Annie and Jai.

She then hung her bag up, before getting an apron on her. Roman was there, cutting up some salad. “Is she mad?” Belle asked Roman worriedly. His simple reply was “Yep.”

“Jeez. Now I’m going to get the sack for sure.” Belle continued.

“Well let’s see now.” Roman said as Leah was just about to walk in. Leah walked in and gave a fierce look at Belle. “Roman. Can you serve table twelve please? Belle and I need to have a chat.” Leah asked.

“Sure.” Roman said and done what he was told. Leah made sure Roman was out of the room. “What time do you call this?” Leah reluctantly asked Belle. All Belles mind could be casted back to was earlier that morning when Irene basically saying the same thing. Instead of saying another witty remark, all she said was “Sorry boss.”

“This is what, the sixth time in two weeks. It’s just not on. I know you’ve had a lot on your plate recently, finding out about Aden and…”

“Excuse me!” Belle said furiously.

“I beg your pardon!” said a stunned Leah.

“How dare you talk about my love life like that? Irene did the exact same thing this morning. Why does everyone have to interfere? It’s nobodies business except mine and Aden’s!”

“Right, you’re sacked!” Leah shouted.

“Fine then, I don’t want to have a boss who talks about my love life like that!” Belle screamed. The teenager then undone her apron, threw it onto the floor, got her things and then left the kitchen and the Den for good.


Ten minutes after the heated row between Belle and Leah, Ruby, Annie and Jai had left the Den and were on there way to school when they found Belle on a bench sobbing her little heart out. “Oh my, Belle” Annie said rushing over towards the old wooden bench. Annie and Ruby sat either side of her whilst Jai was peering over her. “Belle, you okay?” Ruby politely asked.

“What do you think?” Belle said. “I’ve lost my boyfriend, my job, maybe Irene.” Belle sobbed on.

“Irene? What has she done?” Annie said defending Irene.

“Oh, just stuff.” Belle reassured Annie and the others.

“Guys, we need to think about getting to school sometime today?” Jai said.

“His right” Ruby added.

“Come on. I need something to take my mind off everything. I’ll walk with you.” Belle said.

“Cool.” Annie replied.

They got up off the bench, and began to walk; not knowing what was around the corner.

Chatting away, Ruby, Annie and Jai began to take Belles mind off the previously events. Then, it walked their way. Yes, the girl Aden had been sleeping with for seven months, behind her back. “You alright Belle?” Annie was curious to know. “Yeah I’m fine.” Belle lied. The girl then approached Belle, looked her up and down. “Well, look who it is?” The girl said.

“Leave it out Emily.” Ruby butted in.

“Shut it Buckton. I’m talking to her nicely.” The girl who appeared to b be called Emily replied. “No you’re not. You’re just looking for a fight.”

“Yeah and what if I am. What is she going to do about it?” Emily aimed towards Belle.

Belle then just snapped. She went full throttle at Emily and pushed her to the ground. The pair squabbled on the floor with Ruby trying to intervene but was not successful. Both of them then got up and Belle through the last punch that sent Emily flying. Ruby, Annie and Jai hurried along but Belle just went off, heading towards the beachouse. They just thought it was best to leave her in the state she was in. “I’ll get you Taylor, mark my words! If it’s the last thing I’ll ever do.” Emily vowed with her left hand covering up her blooded nose. Belle then walked off in the distance.


It was now six o clock. Irene, Annie and Geoff had entered after coming from the Den to see if they could patch things up with Leah in order for Belle to keep her job. Upon there arrival, Geoff had noticed the front door had been left open. “Irene? The front door has been opened all this time.”

“Really? My, better check if Belle’s alright.” Irene replied.

Irene opened the door to Belles bedroom. No sight of her. “That’s strange.” Irene said to Annie and Geoff. “What is?” Geoff replied.

“Belle’s not in her bedroom”

Even though concerned, Annie asked “May I go to the bathroom please?”

“Sure you can darl’.” Irene answered.

Annie went into the bathroom, and then let out a rip roaring scream. Irene and Geoff then rushed in to find Annie petrified in the corner as she saw in the filled bathtub, Belle lying face down in a pool of her own blood…

To be Concluded...

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Wow. I'm loving this.

Bad Aden. Cheating on Belle.

Poor Belle. Getting cheated on, fired, and now attacked.

Liked Annie trying to comfort her.

This Emily sounds like a psycho. What was Aden thinking? And for seven whole months.

Update soon.

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