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Jodi Gordon article, in NZ Creme Magazine.

Guest stephyrose4

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Hey guys so I got this magazine today, cos there's an article in it, asking questions for her and stuff. Sorry I would scan it, but my scanner broke not long ago, so I'll write it out :) Sorry if there's some mistakes.. :lol:

Hi Jodi! Where are you right now?

Hey! I'm at home for once! Yup, its been a pretty full-on three months for me, but it came to an end last night .. I left Dancing with the stars last night!

Aww, sorry to hear that Jodi!

Yeah, it was a little bit sad but we did as much as we could to stay and performed to the best of my abilities so I've got no regrets. I gave it my all and it was such a great experience!

Did you get nervous on the show?

Oh yeah, it was so nerve-wracking! I made sure beforehand that I was as prepared and fit as I could be, coz it's really hard work! It's so much fun though and all those hours of preparation really pay off when you have 90 seconds of performance. It was pretty intensive training. They told us we'd need to do about 12 hours of training a week, which I thought sounded like a lot at first. The time goes so quickly that we ended up going more than that - like at least 20 hours! I had my full-time job on Home and Away to go to , otherwise I would have put even more hours in!

Whoa. I guess you'd have to be pretty healthy then. No smoking, right?

Oh no, defintiely not! You definitely couldn't be a smoker and dance too!

What were you like as a teen?

I was such a little tom boy! I used to play football and cricket in the yard with my cousins all the time - there's pictures of me running around in my knickers playing footy! I was pretty chubby back then too!

What used to stress you out back then?

I was pretty carefree really and just enjoying the moment, not having any complications! The biggest stresses or worries were probably having a crush on a boy, who didn't like me! That stuff can be tough!

You started modeling pretty young ...

Yes, I started modeling when I was 13 and it was like a dream come true. Back then I loved my teen mags and getting to be in them was amazing. It was a fantasy world! I was at school full-time but I'd take a day of here or there to go do shoots for different things. It was great. It also took me traveling - I spent time working in Japan and in Italy when I was a bit older. I think it did make me grow up a bit faster but I don't think that was a bad thign at all.

And now you're back modeling, this time for Crystelle!

Oh it's so exciting! I did the shoot for Chrystelle at the beginning of the year and I felt really excited about it so it's been hard keeping quiet about it until now.

How is Home and Away going?

It's funny, because I've got the biggest storyline for Martha yet and it came in the middle of all this other work. The producer said to me it was my best work yet and I think thats how I always am, that when you're under a lot of pressure you do your best performance. No matter what else is going on I always make Home and Away my priority. It's my proper job and the one I'm most passionate about.

We've just watched your breast cancer storyline in NZ. How was that for you? It's pretty heavy storyline, particularly given you've been through personally [in 2007 her boyfriend of two years, Chris Burkhardt died of leukaemia] and how many other things you've had on the go!

At Home and Away they give us these challenges but they wouldn't give them to us if they didn't think we were up for it. When I found out about this storyline I researched as much as I could about the disease. I spoke to a young Australian women Nikki Dwyer – she's had experience with breast cancer, she actually had it herself when she was 23. So shes gave me a lot of info about what it was like for her. I like to talk to people and draw my own experiences and combine them to create a story of my own and make my own path.

Were you able to forget about it when your went home for the day were you taking those feelings with you?

At the start I was and it was difficult. I had a chat to my acting teacher – she's actually been threw it, breast cancer, and we worked out a way where, when I was finished for the day, I would leave it there at work. It really does affect you doing scenes like that and anyone who tells you otherwise must be lying! If you spend all day crying, it's hard to just walk away form it but I couldn't continue on like that. It was a good leaning experience.

Who are you closet to on the set?

I've got to say Paul. He's been my husband and best friend on the show for three years, well, except for that minor divorce we had! He's someone who i admire dearly and I just love him to bits.

You've got a Kiwi connection, right?

I do! My dad is a Kiwi. We were actually going to move there when I was five or six, “move home” as dad would say! But we ended up staying in Australia, although I've been to NZ a couple of time. I do want to go over again sometime though and ski! I haven't done that in NZ and I heard its really good!

Jodi's message to you!

Thanks so much for all your support over the years, guys! I really appreciate it and I hope you keep it up!!

Jodi answer's your questions..

What has been your favorite scene ever to shoot on H&A?

I'd say it would probably be the wedding scenes – the first time we got married! That was fun!

What subjects were you most passionate about at school?

I was really into sport, so I loved PE and sport. Other than that I loved English – I loved writing stories - and I like design.

There are a few more questions, that people asked her, I'll write the rest later.

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Who are you closet to on the set?

I've got to say Paul. He's been my husband and best friend on the show for three years, well, except for that minor divorce we had! He's someone who i admire dearly and I just love him to bits.

Aww, I love how they are such good friends :lol:

Thanks so much for typing all this up!!! :wink:

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I must echo the current sentiment of posts and firstly thank Stephyrose4 for typing it. My heart melted when I read what she said about Paul. I was also glad to hear her favourite storyline was her first marriage to Jack. Aww, those were the days...I hope to see more of the ol' Jack and Martha once Martha is over her latest health scare. I just wish Roman would stop conveniently reappearing and playing the good samaritan, gosh he's so annoying!

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