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Blazing Hearts

Guest Louise_2983

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Story Title: Blazing Hearts

Type of story: Medium Fic

Main Characters: Aden Jeffries, Belle Taylor, Nicole Franklin, Geoff Campbell

Other characters: Most other regulars

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Angst/Romance/Drama

Spoilers: UK Spoilers

Proof Read: No

Warnings: Some sexual scenes, descriptions of tragic event, fic deals with death

Summary: Tragedy strikes at Summer Bay High with potentially devasting consequences for five of the Bay's residents.


There was silence in every direction penetrated only by the occasional clatter of rubble as she watched them search. Yet in her subconscious she was haunted by the whirring sirens, nervous chatter and discreet whispers of the day gone by, despite the loud and unavoidable thumping of her heart threatening to drown them all out.

Seconds ticked by, minutes, hours. Time was meaningless. She would stand there for days.

Watching, waiting, hoping.

Needing, praying, fading.

She stood, rooted to the exact same spot she had occupied for the past 8 hours, too scared to move, to alter any fraction of her being as though it would alter her history and future and take him from

her forever.

A whirl of activity around the entrance nearest to her caught her attention, causing the hazy ball of hope within her to simultaneously plummet and rise, tightening each breath and stirring nausea in her exhausted body.

The light was fading now, like fate was conspiring against her, against them, against him and using a switch to dim the sun. In the shadows cast by the setting sun however, she could just about witness the horrifying sight before her.

The strong, able bodied males carried the black bag delicately from the destroyed building. The strength and life radiating from their beings only serving to contrast and highlight the empty and lifeless frame they supported in their arms.

Resting the departed figure, camouflaged by the stiff, black material of the once empty bag, on the waiting gurney they lowered their heads in respect.

A sharp and breathy scream escaped from her being as she half covered her eyes not bearing to look but unable to fully tear herself away as he slipped from her grasp.

Distancing himself from the group, one male moved towards her. Tears in his eyes glistened in the dimming light as he approached.

"Roman?" she questioned him, each syllable punctuated by gasps brimming with fear.


He stopped next to her small and petrified body and placed a hand delicately on her right shoulder.

"Belle, it's..."

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Right I'm going to start by saying; killing Aden is not good, you may have a riot on your hands if you do. So lets hope you haven't, although agnsty fics are interesting and it would be a nice difference.

Anyway... love it, just like your other fic, it's awesome and all cliffhangified! Can't wait for more

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