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The Open Road (by meant2live) - comments


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Wow. That was really good. It's sad that it is only a one-shot, because it could be developed into quite a story. I still like Drew and Belle as a couple and you really created the dynamic well in a short space of time. Well done. :)

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Thank you Jen. I wrote it last night when I couldn't sleep. I pretty much got the idea when I was in a store with a friend and his gf, and she was buying all this stuff and he was just staring into space and kept saying no everytime she asked him something. And I wanted to capture something like that... so I had the idea for the store scene, then just developed it. But didn't know where to take it after, hense the one shot.

I suppose if I'd put my mind to it, I could have made it into a longer fic. And yeah I still like the Belle and Drew relationship... it is one of my all time favourite... because just the way they were around each other when they were happy was awesome, so young and carefree.

But thank you.

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That was brilliant!! I haven't read a Drelle fic in ages! Like everyone else, I used to love them two together before he left [Adelle all the way now :P]

I loved how there was so much description, and you saved the reason until the end. I'm actually sad it had to finish.

Hope you write more fics in the future.


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Thank you, Laurzy and Taniya.

I'm working on a long fic... but I keep getting bored of the concept and scraping it so rewriting the whole thing. I guess oneshots are the only way I don't get bored and rewrite it. But there shall definately be more fics from me, at some point in the future.

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