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Someone is leaving!

Guest Nathan.

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And the person leaving is...


Caitlin Stasey is leaving to concentrate on her school work. She'll be seen until early 2009, and she will not be killed off so that she'll have the option to return if she so wishes.


Recently, Pippa Black announced at the Logies that she planned to leave Neighbours as Elle Robinson at the end of 2008. Well, it seems that she has changed her mind. She has signed a 12-month contract so we'll be seeing her until at least November 2009 :)

Source: TV Week and Perfect Blend

I'm very happy Elle is staying!

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Finally! Don't get me wrong, I think Caitlin Stasey's a good actress and I wish her well but I have never liked Rachel and I have to say I'm quite glad she's leaving.

And I'm even gladder that Elle is not leaving. She's been a great character pretty much since she got here. Lots of layers...

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