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Hm. I might give it another week. I'm taping All Saints anyway for the time being... Hugh and Johnny are enough to keep me glazed over with eye candy. That Kerry Vincent (wow, the ball-busting female cop has a masculine name AND demeanor - what ARE the odds!? :o)... I could do without her. I dislike shows that think they have to prove some kind of feminist point by turning the women into men... sort of defeats the purpose if you ask me. Just per example, Bones has very strong female characters who maintain their femininity, power and equality without having to resort to being rough hard-ass bitches to "compete" with the male characters... Portraying women as having to compete with men in the first place just perpetuates the stereotype that men are supposedly better than women and harder to beat in the real world, so therefore a woman needs to be hard and masculine in order to run with and dominate them... Ugh. I'm not the girliest of people either, but ugh.

Okay, so I'm highly opposed to the morality behind that particular character, but I'll stick around for the male exploitation :wink:

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I thought it was a slow start but I got into it and will give it some time. And yes, definitely agree about having enough eye candy. You can already tell Josh is a complex character. I'm liking the team unit they are developing. And yes, I also hate Kerry.

I was also really excited as the scene where the druggy was running around with the machete is near where I work!

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