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Geoff's Choice (by Miranda) - comments


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I loved that, very well written and very cute with all the mini-campbells and Nic/Geoff :wub:

The very last paragraph was tense and a bit open-ended, i'm inclined to think Geoff didn't die, but i'm not sure, which is a perfect ending. :)

Well done.

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Hi. Thanks for your comments, I like to know what people think :)

The Seventh Seal is the Ingmar Bergman film they parody [really well, I think] in Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, so if you've seen that, you'll have an idea of what TSS is about.

In TSS, a medieval knight is washed up on a beach and plays a game of chess against Death [the hooded black figure with the white face]. If the knight wins, he lives; if Death wins, the knight dies. When I saw Geoff washed up on that beach with the choir singing in the background, it made me think of the knight, who is a Christian like Geoff, hanging between life and death and having various experiences while he waits to see what happens to him.

TSS is worth watching because its a classic. However it is very old, in black and white and in Swedish/subtitled, so if you can handle all that, take a look. 'Bill and Ted' is less gloomy though :wink:

I'm glad you weren't sure if Geoff lives or dies, we'll have to wait until after the Olympic Cliffhanger to find out! My own opinion is

that he lives, because I'm an old softy

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Wow Miranda. That's a wonderful one-shot! I like how you highlight the many facets of Geoff's past and future life with the links being his faith and his injured leg. Wonderfully written with a dramatic ending that leaves you wanting to know more. :D

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Woah. Hold the phone. You wrote Geoff-fic?! :o How did I not know this? Bad Jen.

But I've read it now, and adored it :D. Your Geoff and his future(s) is so perfect in terms of everything he could do with his life -- the church, the family, the football. Everything flashing before his eyes and fading in and out of reality was just so well written. The side Geoff/Lucas was wonderful as well, however intentional or not :wink:.

Yes, I'm late the party, but I hope this comment makes up for it!

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