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Bondi Rescue Goes International

Guest Jen

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Bondi Rescue goes international

The lifeguards from Network Ten's hit reality series Bondi Rescue are heading to Bali in a new spin-off series, imaginatively titled Bondi Rescue: Bali.

Cameras will follow a handful of Bondi Rescue's best recognised lifeguards - including former Home & Away star Ryan "Whippett" Clark, team leader Dean "Deano" Gladstone and Anthony "Harries" Carroll - as they begin a four-month stint on Bali's iconic Kuta Beach.

There, they'll assist local lifeguards and exchange surf safety methods.

"The lifeguards will no doubt be tested during their stay at Kuta Beach, but I have every confidence they will deliver the same fantastic rescue results they achieve at Bondi each season," said Ten's chief programming officer David Mott. "I can't wait to see what amazing stories will be uncovered and the great television they will make."

Bondi Rescue executive producer Michael Cordell insisted that the lifeguards will not just spend their time on Kuta Beach reclining in the sun. "Bali is renowned for its big surf and dangerous conditions," he said. "For our boys it will be a tough and confronting experience."

Bondi Rescue: Bali is slated to premiere on Ten at the end of 2008.


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Dan - Bondi Rescue has been on Zone Reality and UKTV People recently but it's a bit hit and miss when it's on. It tends to do a few days then disappear for a while. There was a whole weekend of it on Zone Reality about a month ago and I didn't move from the TV! :P I just looked at the Zone Reality website and it says that it's on weekdays at 3pm!

Border Security is also on Living regularly.. Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from what I can gather. (Although it's called 'Nothing to Declare' over here for some reason!) I think I have seen it on Virgin too recently.

I've got an eagle eye for an Aussie show I have!! :D

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You mean I typed out all that fascinating information and provided a link for no reason!? :P No Sky or Cable?! :o How do you survive?! :P I think it's about time freeview added some more channels to it's line up! By the way..... I think some series 3 episodes may be available to *cough* 'download' *cough* :wink:

Going back to Bondo Rescue: Bali.... it sounds great... I hope I can somehow get to see it!

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