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The Aden & Belle Appreciation Thread

Guest jack+martha=trooluvv

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Just thought I'd set up a thread for our

soon to be hot new couple.

Did you ever see anything as cute when they were playing around with the camera?? They are sooo meant for each other :wub: All this lovely tension is starting to melt :D

Then Nicole had to come along and ruin the scene <_< If only she'd get out of their way.

Your thoughts??

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Well . . .

Where to start . . .

:wub: that will be good enough of a start . . .

ADELLE . . .

Omg the camera scene was soooooooooooo hot tonight, I wish I was Belle . . . :)

They are goig to be so hot together . . .

The writers better leave them alone <_<

Atleast for a while

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Today's scenes were so cute, i really love them together! They have loads of chemistry and they look so hot together. I hope they'll stick together, heck, they could end up being the next Ric and Matilda! :)

Hah, i was so glad when Nicole was watching them today at the end of the episode, i was like "in your face "! :rolleyes:

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