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Unbreakable Bond (by Jacksthehottest) - comments


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I had to do a double take when I read the username :P

YAY! You started another fic :D

Shame its only 4 parts though <_< lol

Great start, sooooo cute. I love reading fics like this, when they're friends but still all flirty around each other.

It always cheers me up :)

I love the sound of the last part -- But before she got into bed a smile appeared on her face. Tonight she had a different idea.

*squeeeeeeeeeeeee* Maybe she'll hop into bed with him :P

Or that might just be wishful thinking on my part lol.

Great writing!

Pleeeease update sooooooon! (as in, soon, not 3 weeks away! hehe)

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i agree with Martha, whats wrong with a purple room?? My rooms purple

And mine! :(

Purple rules :P

Great chapter, I knew she'd sneak into his room at night. Soooo cute :D

Aw, and when Jack said “I can’t sleep when I’m not hugging you”

That is so sweet :wub:

Hmmm, hope Julie doesnt try it on with Jack <_<

And I wish Martha would just open up to Jack!

Anyhoo, good job with the quick updating! Please update again sooooon.

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