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Jazz & Miles Appreciation

Guest xGlowingAngelx

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As far as I'm aware, there aren't that many viewers that like these two together, but for some reason I loved the idea straight away. Having watched the episode with their date on the beach, I love them even more. They're such a contriversial pairing and a refreshing change from the typical romance.

I'm quite saddened that they could be over before they've even had chance to begin

I like the idea of them being a shock romance that shocks everyone all the more by actually lasting.

He seems just the type to tame her and she could bring a slightly wild side out of him.

Plus, it's nice to see her lusting after somebody other than Tony.

Any more Jazz/Miles supporters?


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Yep. I am. I think they work really well together and their picnic date was so sweet.

Jazz deserves better than Tony and it looks like she's fallen hard for Miles.

It is a shame that it doesn't last. I would have liked to have seen move in with Miles and foster kids.

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Count me in, I adore them together they're just so incredibly cute together :wub: , they could have some great comic scenes together, but also have a serious relationship. I love these relationships that aren't built up to be 'the greatest romance since Romeo and Juliet' the more subtle, less expected ones tend to be the best.

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I like Jazz, I like Miles. I like Jazz and Miles together. They're too cool and unconventional to last. They could be perfect together, but society wouldn't let that happen. One of them on their own is fine because there's always the chance that someone "normal" will come along and "fix" them... but when they're together, there's no chance for them to be anything but exactly who they are, only better because they're a team... but that scares people. People have to be NORMAL. So Jazz and Miles, as beautiful as they are, just aren't built to last. But I hope they have fun together while they do. It would suck for either of them to get dragged down by anything too serious.

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I was a bit hesitant about Jazz and Miles after watching Jazz lusting after Tony for so long, but I absolutely adore them! They're both so quirky and outside the norm and that makes them so refreshing to watch. It feels like there's some real chemistry between them.

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:( *Hugs thread*

OK, I knew it was too good to be true. What a waste. <_< If I'd known the whole thing would end so....... sickeningly obvious [and soon!] I never would have supported them. Apparently, I only like the couples that don't stand a chance. That's what Jazz and Miles didn't get - A proper chance. I personally felt they had such great potential. Yes, they were contreversial and only few liked them together, but they also worked.

I'm so annoyed. :( And now I'm thinking more and more that the writers are going to put Leah & Miles together. <_< Now THAT is obvious. Yes, they may be sweet and uncomplicated, but where's the fun in that?!

I miss Jazz/Miles already.

Was good whilst it lasted though. :wub:

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