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Fueled for Love (by Jen) - comments


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So wait? Matilda+Lucas are together?


I like it Jen, the description is great, and the concept is really original! Plus, I'm always a fan of multi-chapter teen stories!

The declaration of love was obviously fresh as I focussed on a dribble of red paint. It ran down the harsh metallic background, gaining speed, as it’s bloody tail trailed along behind the head.

That description in particular was stunning. Like you said, it has a mixture of angst, drama and romance, and I could totally feel that going on there. I'm all excited now, I don't think theres been a Matilda/Lucas story in ages on this board!

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“There wouldn’t be enough room for all the things I would want to write about you.”

I lit up inside and smiled, (maybe he wasn’t so clueless after all), and then leaning in I kissed him once more.

just so AWWWW there. *sighs* I love this story. I miss Maddie and Luke so much at times. And you write them wonderfully. I love the intrigue too. Can't wait for more!

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