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Never Too Late

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Story Title: Never to late

Main Characters: Martha, Jack, Tasha, Macca and others, as the story continues.

Any warnings: May contain Violence, Language, Adult Themes but so far, none of these. I will warn you if there is anything over PG rating

Summary: A J/M fic. Okay, well this story is when Martha is in Uni with Cassie and meets Jack at a college party she goes to with her brother and her best friend. But later she finds out that Jack is one of her brothers friends. Jack finds out that she is his friends sister. So, he starts to back away. Continues from there. (I am really bad at making summaries. Read for more)

Martha Mackenzie stared at her reflection in the mirror. She was never one to care about appearances. She had always said that a person’s character was what mattered the most. Martha wasn’t concerned if her personality was real or not. She already knew it was. She wanted to make sure, she looked perfect. It was her first college party. Surprising to most people, it was her first party for college. It had taken a whole week of begging and pleading to let her brother and sister to agree to this. She wasn’t going to blow it now, by wearing a revolting outfit that screamed ‘high school’.

She may be graduating in a couple of months, but that didn’t mean much to college students. She knew her older brother was much more in, on the party scene then she was. But then he was much older and more experienced. She was never the party type. She preferred hanging out with some of her close friends at the movies or at the bar she had just started to work at. She liked having situations where she was in control, so she would know what could and couldn’t happen.

Parties were the exact opposite; well that’s what her brother has said. They were wild and spur-of-the-moment kind of thing. One minute a person could be having a great time, and the next minute the person could be dancing topless on the table. She had over heard her brother saying that once. Tonight, she was going to this party, to have fun, and she would make sure she would have her top on.

Martha shock her head and looked back in the mirror, once again. She looked at her hair, she thought to herself ‘good’, her curly brown hair, gracefully down to her shoulders. Her outfit, Sure, she may be graduating in a couple of weeks, but that didn’t mean anything to college students. She knew that her brother Macca was much more experienced with the party scene than she was. But then again, she had an older brother, which helped. Martha was never really the partying type. She preferred just hanging out with a small group of friends at the movies or the bar where she works, just started if you would ask her. Haley liked situations where there was control. She liked to know what could and could not happen.

Parties, however, were the exact opposite. They were crazy and spontaneous. One minute people could be standing around having a good time, the next minute there was some drunk girl dancing topless on a counter in the kitchen. She recalled hearing Macca and his friend laughing their asses off about witnessing that one. Tonight, though, Martha was going to put her trepidation aside. She was determined have some fun—although, she’d make sure to do it with her top on.

Martha shook her head, she looked at her reflection in the mirror, once again. The curly, brown hair fell nicely against her shoulders. Her hair looked good. She was wearing a nice top, black tunic. It didn’t show much cleavage but it seemed to fit her perfectly with her curves. She also wore skinny jeans, that hugged her petite, slim legs in all the right places. Then she thought ‘what shoe’s should I wear’, at that moment just like on cue, her best friend Cassie burst through the door.

“Thank god, I made it in time” She looked down at her feet, “Haven’t you found any shoes yet?” She asked Martha. Martha and Cassie had been friends since high school; they both went to the same university, just outside of Summer Bay, where they both live.

“No, I haven’t. I just can’t find the right sort of shoes” She replied.

“Well luckily for me, I turned up at the right time” She smiled at her.

“Yes you did” She laughed.

“Okay” She said to herself, trying to look around to see which shoes were the right ones for her to wear tonight. She looked past the red dress and saw the perfect shoes. She grabbed them and put them in front of Martha, who had now, gone and sat on her bed.

“Put these on, Mac. They look perfect for what your wearing” She told her.

Martha went to put them on, just like Cassie said, they did look perfect. She tied them up and stood up and twirled around to show her, the whole outfit.

“Perfect, now let’s go before the party finishes” She laughs, they head downstairs to where her brother was standing, waiting patiently for them.

“Macca, let’s go” She told her brother quickly, she knew Cassie wanted to get there, not by the end of it.

“Just wait a minute, just some rules before going, no smoking, drinking, making out, that includes hooking up” He tells her strictly.

“Don’t worry Macca, I am not going to drink and remember, I hate smoking” She told her with a small smile on her face.

There you go, my first chapter. I hope you liked it.

Comments would be nice.

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