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Behind Broken Eyes

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Title: Behind Broken Eyes

Type of story: long fiction

Rating: A

Main Characters: Aden-Centric, much later on Aden/Belle

Genre: A mixture

Warnings: mentions of sexaul abuse

Is Story being proof read: No but I'm open to beta readers!

Summary: Coming soon

A/N: Aden/Belle wtf? probably but this pairing and story is stuck in my head and won't go away, so um give it a chance? I'll give you cookies!

Reviews make me happy, (good or bad)

Aden could still remember his twelfth birthday in perfect detail, though he had spent a good part of his teen years trying to forget. His mother had died the year before and it was the first time his father left him alone with his grandfather. He always knew something was wrong with his grandfather, which was why his mother never let him look after Aden and his brother. It wasn’t a good birthday, clearly the first without his mother would be hard but he had no idea of the nightmare it would turn into.

His father was out that night, maybe he was drinking maybe he was working Aden didn’t know or care because his childhood ended because that weak drunk left a monster alone with his kids. He could still remember the sounds of his footsteps, the creek of the door as he opened, not to mention the look in his eyes before he touched him. Just the thought of it was enough to make him sick to his stomach, enough to give him horrible flashbacks so he turned his thoughts to his brother.

He could remember a month after it started, Aden was doing his homework he was at that time pretending he was ok, he focused all his time on school instead of what had been happening to him. His brother opened his door; he almost jumped out of his skin in fear. His brother asked him a simple question ‘Did he come into your room last night?’ That one question was why he got so close to his brother. They had an us and them relationship with the world and in his brothers mind at least everyone was against them.

Aden didn’t doubt that was why he got so violently protective of him, why he was in jail. In their minds the world was full of predators; people who would hurt them and neither one of them had the strength to handle that. Maybe that was why Aden became the ‘bully’ he refused for anyone to see him as weak, because only the weak where victims.

“Aden” He heard Roman’s voice say as he knocked on the door. Aden had been staying with him for a month now. He still didn’t feel comfortable around him, not completely anyway. He still made sure every door was locked, he just needed to feel safe and though rationally Roman was not the monster his grandfather was the irrational part of him was a lot stronger.

“What?” Aden groaned, he knew what he wanted though.

“Just making sure you’re up, you have school in half an hour” Roman said before Aden heard him walk away. They had an agreement for Aden staying with him, besides staying in school he was working as is kitchen hand for half of the pay someone else would get, Aden refused to take charity and Roman refused to pay him nothing they managed to find a happy medium.

Aden pushed himself up from his bed, he hadn’t gotten much sleep that night, he had always had trouble sleeping and lately it was getting worse. He let out a heavy sigh as he headed for the bathroom; it was going to be a long day.

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Just as Aden thought the day had been long and boring and it seemed like the hours heading to lunch lasted a lifetime. Finally though it was time for lunch and he and Axel headed to the Pier side Diner so Axel could obsess over his new crush.

“Uh Aden” Axel said with something close to worry in his voice, Aden looked over at his friend and noticed he was pointing at something, his father.

“I’ll meet you inside” Aden told Axel, Axel just nodded as he headed inside. Axel didn’t know why Aden was living with Roman instead of his father and he knew better then to ask he just knew that Aden’s father had a violent streak. Aden knew that he could never tell Axel the truth, for the same reason he still couldn’t tell Roman. He knew he would think he was weak, pathetic, gay and much worse a victim.

“Can we go somewhere to talk” His father asked him.

“No, we talk here or we don’t talk at all” Aden told him simply as he looked around, truthfully he didn’t want anyone around when he talked to his father, but he wasn’t moving just because his father told him to.

“Aden” He sighed looking at his son. “I want you to come home”

“Why?” Aden asked, he was a little shocked by this, his father visited him in the hospital but the first thing he asked him as he awoke, was did he tell Roman. “Because you miss me or because your afraid I’m going to tell someone what your war hero father really is?” He snapped

“Stop!” His father snapped “Stop lying!”

“I’m not lying!” Aden yelled he noticed a few people turned to look at him, he glared at them and they quickly walked away. Aden rolled his eyes and quickly walked to the beach waiting for his father to follow, maybe his father was getting his way but he couldn’t risk someone over hearing this fight, once Aden was satisfied that he no one was within ear shot he stopped turning around to see his father had been following him after all.

“You want me home?” Aden asked him “Admit you knew it was true, admit you knew what he was doing to us!” He snapped

“I’m not playing into your twisted little fantasies!” His father yelled at him, the more that his father denied it the angrier Aden got. His father didn’t care. Not about him not about his brother, all he cared about was the reputation of a dead man.

“Stop!” Aden shouted “Stop acting like I’m crazy, you knew what he was and you left him with us!” He said he could feel the tears coming but he didn’t care, his father made him sick. What kind of person would let this happened, let alone deny it.

“Don’t” His father said as he took his son by the shoulder forcefully “Don’t say it” His father said

“You knew what he did, you knew what he was doing in our rooms!” He said his voice was quiet but bitter and hurt and the pain that his father and grandfather had caused him was clear in every word, clear from the broken look in his eyes. However that just in enraged his father as he pushed his son backwards letting Aden fall to the ground. Before Aden could even get up he saw a flash. He and his father both looked up towards Belle standing with a camera.

“War hero’s son beats son” Belle said as she looked at the picture she had taken, Aden knew or at least hoped he knew what she was doing. “That’s gotta be front page”

“I’m sure an interview would help” Aden spat, everyone knew he was lying, Belle his father but he knew it was a risk his father wouldn’t take. His father glared at him before turning around to walk away. Once he was out of site he turned to Belle.

“Deleting” She told him before he could speak clicking a few buttons on her camera. “Gone” She said before turning around to walk away.

“How much did you hear?” He asked her.

“Nothing” She told him. Truthfully, he knew she probably heard something she was far to close when she took the picture to have heard nothing. At that point though he needed to believe her, he needed to believe no one knew so he let her walk away.

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“Deleting” She told him before he could speak clicking a few buttons on her camera. “Gone” She said before turning around to walk away.

“How much did you hear?” He asked her.

“Nothing” She told him. Truthfully, he knew she probably heard something she was far to close when she took the picture to have heard nothing. At that point though he needed to believe her, he needed to believe no one knew so he let her walk away.

that was my favourite bit...

they actually interacted for more than 2 seconds without biting each other's heads off :D

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