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I already strongly dislike Viper!

When she said "You've been VIPERized!!" didn't it just make you want to say "Aw, honey, no"?

Who does she think she is anyway, Phil Keoghan? "Viperized" doesn't have quite the same ring to it as "Philiminated."

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I watched the second half (clashed with the Einstein Factor) and enjoyed it, although Viper was lame, as were most of the others when they were posing. I have to say I was not impressed with Sam. I wouldn't have given him the whole 10 points even after the illegal tackle, not that it mattered. Damien was awesome.

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Did anyone else think that Sam guy who lost was hot??? It was kind of sexy... I don't remember getting turned on the last time I watched it but then again i was like 8.

I thought he was hot too.

My sisters and I used to watch it when we were growing up. I was disappointed that they didn't bring Mike Whitney back either. :( Good to see I'm not alone. :lol:

Porn scandal hits Gladiators

HIT television show Gladiators has been implicated in an internet porn scandal after pictures of a Queensland contestant were found on a raunchy gay site.

Sheet-metal worker Sam Brodie was discovered on the gay porn website "Seduced Straight Guys" under the pseudonym Ben in several provocative poses, including wearing a Queensland Reds jumper. The pictures have been picked up by DNA magazine.

The 23-year-old describes himself on the site as "a bit of a ladies' man".

A spokesman for Gladiators said Brodie was part of the show but lost and would not be "going forward" with future episodes.

He might have bombed out on Sunday night, but it may not be a complete loss for the part-time poser.

He now has a new fanbase – gay internet site "Same Same", which made the story the lead on its website yesterday afternoon.


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