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Intertwined Lives (by xmienkiex) - comments


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Heyyyy!!!! :)

Well I already told you this but this is fantastic.

I can't wait to see what you have planned for the next chapters!

Jack and Martha... :wub: ... To cute!!

Awww that whole chapter really made me smile :)

Loved the end part:

red shirt over a pair of jeans – fitting snugly against his extremely well built body. Martha stared at him for a second before a small smile slid over her face, mirroring Jack’s.

Jack... Mmmm Sounds Yummy! :P... One Does remember the first time JnM Met :)

Marthas Face Mirrored Jackys!!!

So Cute!!

Anyways please Update this really soon!

Its fantastic!!!!

Love It


EDIT: Oh yeh... And I already told you... but one loves your Banner!!!

Is lush x

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Lolly: Ah don't you just love the last and first line? I love the quote...you'll see each chapter starts with a quote...something that has to do with the chapter's events. Thanks so much for being the first one to comment! Glad you like it!

Valli: To tell you the truth, this was the only old clip of the two of them that I have been able to watch - so that's why it's so much the same. Hehe. Cheating I know. Thanks for the kind words!

Siana: Ah you just make me blush! Thank you so much for kind of forcing or pushing (whatever way you want to look at it) me to post this sooner. And your kind words just keep making my day! You are the greatest!

Thanks everyone!

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Great start!

I like your writing. English is not my first language either but I would never be able to write like that in English! :)

I thought the idea of Kim and Martha being brother and sister was good. It's something I've never read in other fics.

The looks and the smile Martha and Jack shared :wub:

I love the banner too.

Please update soon.

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Thanks so much! That was such a nice compliment!

(I have English family so maybe that helps...I don't know)

Yeah - I've never seen Kim and Martha as family.

I really love Kim.

But not enough to write mainly him.

So I thought what the heck...

As long as it was AU

Then it didn't matter.

I'm a little stuck on the next chapter.

So I'm hoping I can go for a run, come back and write.

Here's hoping I'll have the next chapter up by tomorrow!

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Thanks so much! That was such a nice compliment!

(I have English family so maybe that helps...I don't know)

That might help!

I speak French and Dutch. I only learnt English at school, by reading English books or by watching Flemish or Dutch television (they broadcast movies and shows in English with Flemish or Dutch subtitles). French television doesn't help, they dub movies and shows. And usually the French voices are horrible, especially when you've already heard the real voice of the English-speaking actor/actress.

Have a good run! Hopefully you'll get inspired to write the next chapter! :D

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