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Light Dawns (by Miranda) - comments


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In line with the new rules for fanfics we'd appreciate it if you'd take 5 minutes to fill out the following form and paste it in your original post:

Story Title: Give it a name, any name we can edit it later

Story description: Main characters

Type of story: Long fic/Oneshot

Main Characters: Most important characters/Current cast/2005 cast etc.

BTTB rating: See Official BTTB ratings guide

Does story include spoilers: Yes/No

Is story being proof read: Yes/No, if yes, by who?

Any warnings: Sexual content (SC), violence/death (V/D), language (L)

Summary: 5 lines max

Thanks, the Librarians.

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How very kind, that is one of the nicest welcomes to a forum I've ever had :) I do enjoy writing, I did wonder whether to make this story longer but I'm so dam busy at the moment I thought best not.

Did you see that I had replied to your story Kirst [i think it was yours]. I tried to reply to some other stories but the forum kept logging me off :(

Glad to have found a decent Home and Away forum.

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You may have a problem with your cookies, Miranda. That could be the reason why you keep getting logged off.

Using cookies is optional, but strongly recommended. Cookies are used to keep track of many various bits of information on the board, including automatically logging you in when returning to the board.

I'm not sure which internet browser(Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.) you are using, so I can't help yet. Just try and go in to the tools or preferences of the browser and enable cookies for www.backtothebay.com/forum :) That should work.

BTW, I'll read this later tonight, it looks great! :D

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