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Best year for new arrivals

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Hopefully people will vote based on what the characters were like when they first arrived, not on how you feel about them now. I've excluded the original cast because they never really "arrived", they were in it from the beginning, so I've decided to go from 1989 onwards. If I've missed any characters I apologize, but please vote for the year someone arrived if you really liked them, even if I've missed them. (I reckon I'll miss a few in the early years especially). I've put characters as arriving from the year they arrive even if they weren't regulars at first - for example Aden is included in 2005 even though he wasn't regular until 2008, with the exception of Martha - she was just a baby in 1988.

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All these years are great but i picked 2004

1998 - Hayley Lawson, Joel Nash, Tom Nash, Natalie Nash, Gypsy Smith, Will Smith.

2000 - Brodie Hanson, Jude Lawson, Noah Lawson, Leah Patterson-Baker, Kirsty Phillips, Dani Sutherland, Jade Sutherland, Rhys Sutherland, Shelley Sutherland.

2003 - Beth Hunter, Kit Hunter, Robbie Hunter, Scott Hunter, Tasha Hunter.

2004 - Dan Baker, Peter Baker, Ric Dalby, Henry Hunter, Mattie Hunter, Barry Hyde, Kim Hyde, Josie Russell.

2005 - Jack Holden, Lucas Holden, Tony Holden, Aden Jefferies, Martha MacKenzie, Cassie Turner, Amanda Vale.

2006 - Brad Armstrong, Rachel Armstrong, Drew Curtis, Belle Taylor.

2007 - Annie Campbell, Geoff Campbell, Miles Copeland, Roman Harris.

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It was a tough choice between 2000 and 2004 for me, I ended up voting for 2004 though.

I LOVED Leah's character back when she first arrived, she was like another Marilyn :lol: Also with Noah and the Sutherlands back when they weren't annoying.

But 2004 has all the characters that i still like to this day, just not Kim :P And I MISS Josie so much. :( Shame she's gone.

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Werent Aden, Miles and Roman made regulars this year???

I picked 2005 though :P Cant go past the year Jack and Martha came onto the show for me :P

How old would have Duncan been in 1989?? I dont even know how old he is :P Around Marthas age?? And he is her uncle :lol:

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