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Best year for new arrivals

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That was incredibly difficult, as others have said there are characters I like and characters I dislike in each section but in the end I went with 2005. Martha was a fantastic addition and it was great having more family for Alf and bringing in Roo's daughter was brilliant (now all we need is Roo back!!). I Like the Holdens so they were a good addition, obviously didn't realise at the time just how amazing Aden was going to end up being. Never really like Cassie but the obvious highlight of that year Amanda! She pretty much swayed it for me in the end.

Other than that i'd say 2000 was quite good with the Sutherlands, Noah and Leah. 2006 brought Belle so that puts it very high up on my list and you got Rachel and Brad as well so that makes it a rather good year. Oh I could go on for ages, I keep looking back and going "ooh but that year had so and so in".

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