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Miles Copeland

Guest Cerise

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I really like Miles, especially after last weeks episodes, and I think he is shaping up to be a really interesting character. After just watching Tuesdays Episode I wanted to come and find Josh's appreciation thread... but I couldn't find one :o He is an extraordinary actor and a wonderful new addition to the permanent cast.

Appreciate here :D

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He's permanent, if you look at the closing credits when the Promo is playing you'll see he's not listed under Guest Cast, but under Cast Members (along with Aden as well).

I feel really sorry for Miles, I was on the verge of tears when he told Sally about Louise and Amber, and when he was explaining about their past on mondays I felt really emotional then too :D

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I love Miles! He's completely defied the expectation I had of him. For some reason, i was expecting to hate him, but he's just so lovely! Not to speak too soon though, because if you think someone's lovely in H&A, they usually end up being a stalker or something :P.

But his whole relationship with Sally is shaping up so lovely. :wub: I'd like to think he was a permanent cast member, but for some reason, I can't see him being. :(

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