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Miles Copeland

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i had a dream about him last night. in the dream he was sat at a table in a shopping centre and i hugged him hahha aww <3 i was dying to see H&a today to see him, but he wasn't on it.. :(

but ye i loved him in All Saints, and was so happy when i heard he was gonna be on h&a, he's great! I was in tears the other day...... and the other day..haha when he told Sally about his family, and then when he told her who he is. I've not cried so much at a soap since Stingray died on Neighbours!

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I think I like Miles, he is quiet and shy, not obvious. I hope he becomes much happier in Summer Bay and we see more of what he is like. I can't think which character he should have as a girlfriend, I suppose time will tell.

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Ooo Josh Quong Tart is bloody gorgeous, I want to marry him and have his kids LOL.

Well on a serious note, I am really pleased on how well his character Miles has fitted in so well to the Summer Bay fold, I find it usually takes a while to get to know a new character and a while to aclimatise to them but with Miles I liked him instantly.

Oh I really hope he visits the UK one day. :wub:

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I've not cried so much at a soap since Stingray died on Neighbours!

Thanks... I'd almost managed to forget he was dead...

When was Josh on All Saints? I've been watching the old episodes at 2pm. Seems to be up to Mitch's wife going crazy because she's off her medication and has convinced herself that he's having an affair with Terri. (No spoilers please!) Is Josh anywhere near turning up? Or Conrad, for that matter... I must say, I'm having so much fun seeing Jazz at the moment that I don't mind waiting :wub:

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