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I Don't Wanna Be Told To Grow Up

Guest *caitie*

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Type Of Story- undecided

Rating- T

Main charcters- New characters called Olivia and Orlando, also Jack and Martha, Rory, Ryan, Ella (Tashas daughter) and a few others

Genre- mixture

Is story being proof read- no


If you read the very end of my last fic (Just Moved Here) you would know that Martha and Jack had twins called Olivia and Orlando, who are 15 in this fic. Orlando's best friends are Rory and Ryan, who are also 15 in this fic. Rory lives with Sam in in this fic, but Sam never liked Jack and just moved randomly to Summer Bay. Ryan lives with Amanda, who has moved on with all from all her boyfriends and sleeping around, or so she says. Martha is pregnant with a boy and the twins are thrilled, but when the baby is born, this might change... And Orlando likes Sally Parkinson, and he had heard she likes him back, but the nice, shy, Melissa catches his attention, but his failing in Maths and English, will he try to do something to do better?? And Olivia likes Ryan, but he's her brothers best friend, and she's sure he doesn't like her back. All this and more!!! I will post the 1st chapter if I get enough responses.

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here's the first chapter!!!

Chapter One-Hellish Day at School

Orlando's P.O.V

I walked along the street to his school, which was public, but the teachers were strict and acted as though they were private. The uniform was strict, the rules were strict, they even had Saturday detentions, but the teachers were even worse. The uniform was a light blue shirt, navy blue trousers or shorts and a blue blazer that had SUMMER BAY HIGH written on it. The girls had to wear skirts that had a sort of grey, checked pattern on them with blue lines. They had to wear black stockings with them in winter, or knee high white socks. The teachers were very strict on how short the girl’s skirts were, they were only allowed just above the knees, but the girls often disobeyed these rules. I was listening to a song on my ipod, which would have to put away when I got to school or I could risk detention. The song was called ‘Grow Up’ and it was by Simple Plan. I listened to the lyrics carefully.

This is who I am and this is what I like

GC, Sum and Blink and MXPX rockin’ my room

If you’re lookin’ for me I’ll be at the show

I can never find a better place to go

Until the day I die

I promise I won’t change

So you better give up

I don’t wanna be told to grow up

And I don’t wanna change

I just wanna have fun

I don’t wanna be told to grow up

And I don’t wanna change

So you better give up

‘Cause I’m not gonna change

I don’t wanna grow up

I’d like to stay up late, spend hours on the phone

Hanging out with all my friends and never being at home

I’m impolite and I make fun of everyone

I’m immature but I will stay this way forever

‘Til the day I die

I promise I won’t change (change, change)

So you better give up

I don’t wanna be told to grow up (grow up, grow up)

I don’t wanna be told to grow up (grow up, grow up)

I don’t wanna be told to grow up

And I don’t wanna change

I just wanna have fun

I don’t wanna be told to grow up

And I don’t wanna change

So you better give up

I don’t wanna be told to grow up

And I don’t wanna change

I just wanna have fun

I don’t wanna be told to grow up

And I don’t wanna change

So you better give up

‘Cause I’m not gonna change

I don’t wanna grow up

‘Cause I’m not gonna change

I don’t wanna grow up

This song described my feelings a lot. I was always telling people to grow up, get a life, and stop to stop being so idiotic. But I was being so hypocritical. I was failing in Maths and English because I wasn’t focusing enough, I had a stupid schoolboy crush on Sally Parkinson, and I was supposed to be fighting Jarrod Commer this afternoon after school. Now you know how hypocritical I am. But, amazingly, people still consider me as their friend. I played soccer, football and cricket a lot with friends. And I was also on the school soccer team. I had also joined the under 16 surfing team in Summer Bay and I competed in competitions at least once every month, the next one that I competed in was next week. Uncle Lucas had first introduced me to suffing when I was seven. Mum and Dad had gone away to Brisbane for their wedding anniversery and had asked Uncle Lucas and Aunty Mattie to look after me and Olivia. I remember the first time he took me. We were both sitting on the sand, our surfboards next to us.

'Is it scary, Uncle Lucas?' I'd asked

He'd smiled at me, a strange sort of smile, and to this day I'd never figured out what it meant.

'If you let the wave take over, let it take control of you, then yes, it is scary, but if you master the wave, take control of it, then you'll be fine'

I was a little less frightened

'But Orlando, never underestimate the power of it. It will push you under if you fall off. If you do fall off, put your hands over your head and always keep your eyes open so you know which way is up.'

He then taught me the pop-up, the move that was the hardest to learn but impossible to forget. He discovered that I was goofy footed, which meant I had my right leg infront, I discovered later it was the same with skateboarding. He taught me how to turn aroung and paddel back to shore when the wave was coming, and how to keep my balance in the easiest possible way, and how to fall in the safest possible way, and then he took me surfing, and by the end of that day, I was a surf-aholic. I got up everyday at five and went to surf, and straight after I got back from school. I also had training on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday straight after school, as well as soccer training every Monday at five, as well as games against diferent schools on Saturday. I looked at my watch, 8.50. If we didn't hurry up we would be late.

'Olivia,' I said to my sister who was walking beside me 'we'll be late if we don't hurry up!'

Olivia rolled her eyes


I started running

'What? We have to run? Can't we just walk fast!'

'No, come on!' I called back to her

She groaned and started complaining under her breath, then started running.

We were just in time before the bell rang.

I met up with Rory and Ryan before we went inside and groaned inwardly as we walked into the school.

Time for yet another hellish day a school.

Hope you liked the first chapter!!

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Chapter 2-Go Home Now

Orlando's P.O.V

I had homeroom and Maths with Ryan while Rory went into the next room. Olivia chatted with and laughed with Ella as they walked into homeroom behind Rory. I noticed Ella give Rory an interested glance behind his back. Rory and Ryan were both the kind-of guys girls would like. They were both good-looking and didn’t care what other people thought. I don’t know if I’m good looking, and I don’t really care. I don’t really care what other people think either; I just do whatever I wanted to do. I am pretty athletic, and I would often win races, short-distance that is, I was crap at long-distance. That’s why Rory, Ryan and I would walk together at the back; a lot of people would join us when they got sick if running. Ryan and I sat at the back of the class. Jeremy and Dean took up the other seats on the back row. Dean looked at me for a moment, and then motioned me with his hand for me to come over. I quickly ran over to him, flicking my blond hair out of my eyes as I did so. A lot of people liked my hair, mostly girls, and I thought it was a little strange, but I went along with it.

‘Hey, Ollie,’ not many people called me Ollie, but I liked it. Jeremy leaned in across his desk to listen to our conversation.

‘Word is that Sally likes you’

‘Yep,’ I waited for him to say more, but he didn’t

‘Is that it?’



The teacher, Mr. Collins walked in

‘Right, everybody settled down, and back to your desks!’ He barked at us, glaring at me.

‘Right, register, Louise Allen...’

He went through the register, each child responding with a yes

‘So what did Dean tell you?’ Ryan whispered as Mr. Collins went through the register

‘Nothing’ I said, as Mr. Collins gave us a warning look

‘Oh, and while I’m here, I may as well give you the results of last weeks maths test.’

My heart sank.

He gave out the sheets, and when I saw mine, I saw an F, scribbled in red pen with a circle around it.

Mr. Collins glared at me from under his half-moon glasses

‘If you keep going like this, Orlando, I will have to contact your parents and fail you’

I looked up at the red F on the sheet of paper; it looked as if it was taunting me, saying that I wasn’t good enough for this stupid subject, but it compulsory to do this subject, same with English, P.E, Science, and Ag. And if I had my choice, I wouldn’t do any of them, maybe a bit of P.E, but that was it. I watched as Mr. Collins gave Ryan a D, Jeremy a B, and Dean a B-. They looked at my paper, then gave me sympathetic glances, as if to say “You’ll get better”, but I wasn’t that hopeful that it would. In Maths, Mr. Collins droned went on about stuff we had already learnt in grade 8, but nobody was telling him any different. People didn’t talk, only pass noted, because amazingly, in his old age, Mr. Collins had very good hearing, and if someone would so much as whisper, he would tell them off instantly, so that’s why people passed notes, instantly stopping when he turnt around. The girl in front of me, Naomi, passed me a note that said ‘Orlando’ on it. I discreetly opened it.

‘We’re playing soccer at recess, do you want to?


I scribbled out the Orlando on the front of the note and wrote ‘Jordyn’, then wrote my reply

‘Yeah, okay, but couldn’t you have asked me this at recess?’

I tapped Naomi on the shoulder and gave her the note, pretty soon a note came back to me, reading

‘Yeah I could’ve, but it passes time this way’

I rolled my eyes and didn’t bother to write back. I looked at the clock that was ticking away seconds that seemed to be lasting a million years. There was only five minutes left of torture till recess, then after recess, my heart sank, another hour and a half of torture. At least after lunch we actually had something half-decent. I had art, which was good because our art teacher encouraged us to try different things, and we could listen to ipods as well. The bell rung and Mr. Collins blurted out last minute sentences that no-one was listening to as we walked out the door. I walked to my locker, saying hi to random people that talked to me, I couldn’t really remember all the people’s names; they were stored in the back of my mind somewhere. I got to my locker and quickly went through the combination and pulled on the lock, making it open. I stuffed my books in my locker and slammed the locker door shut. As I walked through the numerous corridors to get to the soccer field I passed Melissa Hendricks and caught her eye. Her shy, blue eyes caught my determined brown eyes and I smiled cheerfully at her, she looked surprised, but smiled back, quickly looking at her feet afterwards. As I ran outdoors to the soccer pitch, I saw Sally. She smiled at me too.

‘Hi’ she said as I walked past

I smiled at her and flicked my hair out of my eyes and she laughed.

I met my friends at the soccer pitch.

‘So, word is that Sally likes you, and that you’re suppose to be fighting Jarrod after school’

I had completely forgotten about the Jarrod thing

I nodded

Recess went all too quickly, so did the rest of the day. As the bell rang, an announcement went over the P.A system and for once, I listened to it.

‘Will Olivia and Orlando Holden please come to the main office now please?’

I met Olivia at the office and asked what was happening, she said she didn’t know.

‘Olivia and Orlando Holden? You have an urgent request to go home now’

Next Chapter-Why were livia and Orlando asked to go home?

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