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So You Think You Can Dance; Australia

Guest sevenpuddings

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I'm totally addicted to the Australian version already. It appears we have some crazy dancing talent here, which I'm so impressed with. I cannot wait till we reach the top 100 and get to see them narrowed down to the top 20, it will be amazing, sad & all around spectacular.

The question is, will the show live up to its American counterpart once it's got the supposed top 20 dancers from Australia? GOD I HOPE SO!!

Anyone else as addicted as I am?

AND... did anyone else fall in love with Caleb even though its kind of illegal because he was seriously the most amazing dancer I've seen!!

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I have one question, and one question only: What the hell is Csaba from DWTS doing there :blink:!? Don't they have rules about professional, nationally exposed TV dancers???

Okay, that was two questions. But still. I'm not seeing how that's fair.

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^^Eliza from DWTS was there as well. Never liked her and was glad she didn't get through to the top 20.

I know Natalie is still probably getting used to hosting the live shows, but I didn't think she was that great, a bit boring actually. Other than that I love this show.

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Csaba was in New Zealand's DWTS too. He and his partner got kicked out in the first round :P

We have So You Think You Can Dance: Australia. Plays on Friday and Saturday. The live shows start tonight.

We had a NZ version of this show last year but it didn't rate well. Neither did NZ Idol.

So we've got SYTYCD Aus and America Idol for this year...

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