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On this week's cover of TV week it has a teaser 'It Takes Two Real-life Romances"...Paul and Jade?

Its probably just a media beat up or trashy gossip, as last week I remember reading in Sydney Confidential that Jade's new boyfriend was at last week's It Takes Two launch to support Jade. Although, it noted that Jade's new relationship was relatively new.

On the H&A website where Paul is talking about his experience to date on It Takes Two, he is very complimentary about Jade and how impressed he is with her and what its like working with her. He's so sweet.

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I think Paul O'Brien should start dating with a cast member. I think maybe either martha or probably sam in real life. Since they do kissing each other as part of their job they can find it easy to do it for real life.

what do you all think?

Yes! :D I totally agree i think he should go out with Jodi ( Martha) in real-life :D

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