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Changes at Summer Bay

Guest Andy

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Matilda's Christian. She's just not a fundamentalist. I think she's Noah's godmother. She did grow up on a farm, so... I guess they do have that in common. Actually, her father and Bruce seem to have had the same aggressive streak when raising kids, so they could relate to each other their if the writers choose to remember it (though in all their years together, I don't think it's come up between her and Ric.)

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This year, long-time resident Sally Fletcher leaves Summer Bay with her daughter, Pippa.

I don't want this to happen but I realised that it had to happen sometime. Kate Ritchie deserves to move on with her career and life. Sally has always been my favourite character and the thought of her leaving is horrible. I can't imagine the show without her.

A familiar person will be murdered so speculation is rife.

I can't wait to see who will be murdered, but I guess it will be Sam. I hope it's not one of the old characters which have been in the serie for a long time. I would get so angry.

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