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"un-ballad"/upbeat songs on there...IMO some of the songs on there are better than Bleeding Love.

Take a Bow is my fav un-ballady song. Its very upbeat and i love singing to it in the car.

I just adore all her songs. But The first time ever i saw your face is very slow and draggy, but i have learnt to live with it.

She's released Footprints in the sand in the UK i think and the clip is very sad :( But then gets happy near the end <33 Love it

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i bought it the second day it was out. I made my brother take me to the shops to buy it. We were in QLD as well, so i had to drag my brother and cousins to JB to buy it. And ive never stopped listening to it since :P Im listening to I will be now <33 My other fav song

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Better in Time is Brillo Pads - Footprints in the Sand is New just listened to it today and it seems really good!!!

Totally OFF subject - Blake Lewis - Watch'a Got to Loose, Jordin Sparkes - Tattoo and This is My Now and Kelly Pickler - Red High Heels and I Wonder ARE THE SONGS TO BE PLAYED!!!

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