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Type of story: Long fic

Rating: T

Main characters: Jack and Martha

Genre: Romance

Warnings: May contain coarse language, brief violence and brief sexual scenes

Is story being proof read: No

Any spoilers included: No

Summary: Jack has been in Summer Bay for 2 months. Him and Martha have been flirting non-stop and all their friends are getting tired of it. Martha and Jack no they are attracted to eachother but neither of them will admit it but both play games to make one another jealous. Will they just admit they have feelings for eachother or will they both keep on being stubborn.

Brief Profiles

Jack (22): Still working as a police officer. Lives on his own. His mother passed away agesa go and he has 1 brother, Lucas and Dad, Tony.

Martha(20): Works shifts at Noah's Bar. Lives in Sally Fletcher's Home. Her closest relatives in the Bay are Alf her grandad and Morag, her great aunt.

First chapter will be up soon =)

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This chapter may contain coarse language, brief violence and brief sexual scenes. You have been warned.

Chapter 1

“Do you want to dance with me?” Jack asked Martha. It was Saturday night and there was a party on at ‘Noah’s’ Bar.

“You wish,” Martha smirked.

“I do,” Jack grinned, walking back over to his mates.

“Admit it Martha! You do fancy him!” Tasha said, when Jack had disappeared.

“I don’t. He’s so full of himself…” Martha said. “How could anyone like him?”

She looked over at Jack who was now dancing with a blonde girl who was wearing a silver mini dress. Martha bit her bottom lip and then stood up.

“Well, I’m going to dance now,” Martha said, walking over to the boys and grabbing Kim’s hands and placing them on her waist.

“Want to dance?” She said, raising her voice so she could be heard above the music.

“Definitely,” Kim grinned. Martha looked back over at Jack who was still enjoying the party with the blonde. Dancing her way across the floor and bringing Kim with her she got as close to Jack as she could and then suddenly she threw herself into Kim and kissed him. Jack turned around and looked at them both with disappointment. How much he wished he could be Kim. A few seconds later, Martha pulled away quickly.

“I’m sorry!” She said. “I don’t know why I did that! I didn’t mean for that to happen…”

She hurried away from Kim and went back over to Tasha and Cassie.

“What was that all about?!” Cassie asked.

“I don’t know, a stupid mistake…” Martha said. “Where’s Jack?”

“He left about a minute ago,” Cassie said.

“Oh…”Martha said, looking at her feet.


Martha walked into the diner and saw Jack at the counter.

“Can I have a tea without any sugar please?” she asked Leah.

“Coming right up,” Leah smiled.

“Hey…” Jack said, giving her a small smile.

“Hi,” Martha said. “What did you think of the party last night?”

“It was pretty good,” Jack hesitated then added more. “It looked like you and Kim were having a good time…”

“That was an accident, it wasn’t meant to happen…” Martha sensed the awkwardness between them.

“Oh,” Jack said, hiding a relieved smile. “Want to come to the beach with me today?”

“No, just give up Jack,” Martha grinned.

“Not until I get my kiss,” Jack smirked. “If you do change your mind, make sure you wear that sexy pink bikini you have.”

He winked at her as he moved towards the door.

“You are so pathetic!” Martha laughed.


“So Martha, me and Robbie were planning a picnic for today. D o you want to come?” Tasha asked.

“Yeah sure,” Martha smiled.


“Do you want to come on a picnic with me and Tasha today?” Robbie asked. Jack shrugged.

“Martha will be there…” Robbie said giving him a knowing smile.

“I think I can make it…” Jack grinned.

Please write comments :)

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Thanks guys. Here's the next chapter

This chapter may contain coarse language, brief violence and brief sexual scenes. You have been warned.


“Oh look, Robbie’s here,” Tasha grinned. “Oh and he brought Jack with him!”

“Hey girls,” Jack grinned.

“You set me up!” Martha hissed into Tasha’s ear.

“We brought food,” Robbie smiled. Jack sat down beside Martha and gave her a wink.


“I’m going to find a bin to throw all the rubbish into,” Tasha said.

“I’ll go with you,” Robbie said. Before Martha could say anything, they both ran off.

“So it’s just you and me now,” Jack grinned.

“Looks like it,” Martha sighed.

“Let’s talk. We haven’t talked much since I came to the bay,” Jack suggested.

“What do you want to talk about?” Martha asked.

“You,” Jack grinned. Martha laughed. The next thing she knew they were moving closer. Suddenly her phone rang. Jack sighed as Martha answered it. After Martha hung up Jack began talking again.

“How come you and Kim kissed the other night?” Jack asked.

“I don’t know and it’s nine of your business anyway,” Martha said.

“It was because of me and Emma wasn’t it?” Jack said.

“Who’s Emma?” Martha asked, innocently.

“You know that gorgeous blonde,” Jack smirked.

“Go screw yourself! I wasn’t jealous of you with that sl*t!” Martha cried out. “Stop being so full of yourself!”

She got up and dialled Tasha’s number.

“Hi Tasha, I’m going to go home. You can go home with Robbie,” Martha said. With that she got into her car and drove off.


Jack was walking back from the diner in the dark. He heard screams coming from around the corner.

“Get off me,” he heard Martha scream.

“Come on babe, you know you want to,” He heard a male voice.

“Get away from her!” Jack said running around the corner. He pushed the man off Martha.

“Get lost, I don’t want to see you ever again,” Jack yelled as the man ran away. Then he turned to Martha.

“Are you okay?” He asked

“Yeah,” She nodded. “Thanks.”

They looked at each other for a few minutes. Suddenly, Jack grabbed her waist and kissed her. They both pulled away after a while.

“Em…Come on,” Jack muttered. “I’ll walk you home,”


“Oh great,” Martha muttered. “I’m locked out,”

She stood on Sally’s porch, Jack behind her.

“You can stay at mine tonight if you want,” Jack offered.

“Okay,” Martha smiled. “Thanks.”


“Will you be okay here?” Jack asked showing her the spare room.

“Yeah,” she smiled. “It’s perfect.”

“Goodnight then,” Jack grinned and walked out the door.


Martha tossed and turned in the bed. She was tired but she couldn’t fall asleep. She got out of bed and went to get a glass of water. To her surprise Jack was in the kitchen.

“How come you’re still up?” He asked.

“Couldn’t go to sleep,” Martha sighed.

“I see… You were probably thinking about me,” Jack grinned, cheekily.

“That’s more like a nightmare,” Martha smirked. “Well I’m off to bed again. See you in the morning.”

Preview: What will Jack do to make Martha even more jealous?

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Nice chapter!

Tasha and Robbie left Martha and Jack alone. That wasn't such a good idea! :P

Jack saved Martha. He's a hero! :wub:

Martha's spending the night at Jack's but nothing is happening. :(

Martha should just admit she likes him. :rolleyes:

More please.

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Here's the next chapter :)

WARNING: This story may contain some stuff that isn’t suitable for younger readers. It may contain violence, sexual references, adult themes and a bit of course language. Thanks. You have been warned.

Chapter 3

“Did you sleep well?” Jack asked as Martha sat down at the table to have breakfast.

“Yeah, what about you?” Martha said.

“Yeah,” said Jack. “There’s Robbie.”

Jack went to open the door.

“How come… I mean… You… How come you two are together?!” Robbie said, stunned.

“Long story,” Martha muttered.

“Um ok,” Robbie said. “I came to say we’re going surfing later on so be ready at 1.”

“Alright,” Jack said. Robbie left.

“I should be going now too,” Martha said. “Thanks for letting me stay here.”

She grabbed her purse and gave him a hug and left.


“You stayed at Jack’s?” Tasha exclaimed. “I knew it! You two definitely like each other! All the flirting and the smiles!”

“I got locked out, I had no where else to go!” Martha said, defending herself. “And a bit of harmless flirting doesn’t do anything.”

“But the flirting is for real,” Tasha grinned. Martha rolled her eyes.

“We should go to the beach today for a walk,” Martha suggested remembering what Robbie had said earlier.

“Okay,” Tasha agreed.


Martha looked at herself in the mirror.

“You’re dressed properly for the beach,” Tasha grinned looking at Martha in her pink bikini.

“Well we are going to a beach,” Martha smiled. “Let’s go,”


“Is that Robbie?! With Jack?” Tasha cried out. “It is!”

Martha put on her innocent face.

“It’s a bit of a coincidence they’re here when we are,” said Tasha, looking at Martha suspiciously. “Don’t you think?”

“No… Everyone goes to the beach,” Martha said.

“Hi there,” Robbie grinned, kissing Tasha. Meanwhile, Jack went over to Martha.

“So you finally wore the bikini for me,” Jack grinned into Martha’s ear.

“No, this is for someone else,” Martha said. “I’m meeting up with him later.”

“Who is it?” Jack asked.

“A special someone, You go back to Emma,” Martha said.

“Maybe I Will,” Jack said.


Martha was working a shift a shift at ‘Noah’s’, when Jack walked in with Emma. Aware that Martha was watching them Jack kissed Emma. Martha bit her lip and walked as fast as she could into the store room. Jack pulled away from Emma quickly.

“What was that for?!” Emma cried out furiously. “You know I’m with someone!”

She grabbed her purse and left Jack. A few minutes later, Martha came out of the store room and approached Curtis, the mail barmaid.

“Do you want to join me tonight for a drink?” Martha said loud enough for Jack to hear.

“Yeah,” Curtis grinned. Then she walked over to Jack’s table, grabbed the empty bottle of beer and threw it furiously into the bin.

Preview: Martha and Jack get stuck together for a whole night again

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