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Channel 7 stars' Facebook ban

Guest Di

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CHANNEL 7 has stopped all staff from accessing social networking site Facebook in a company-wide ban which has left high-profile employees fuming.

Senior management, producers and network talent have been blocked from logging on to the popular url with a firewall set up from the mainframe.

"It's annoying for people like us who actually need to use it for work - seriously, we use it for research, trying to locate people and that sort of thing," a Seven news staffer said yesterday.

"It's not like we're sitting there poking or sending virtual cocktails," the angry staffer said.

The harsh directive has put out hundreds of the network's staff, including key employees such as the brains behind the Sunrise programs, star recruit Adam Boland.

Boland, Sunrise's Jono Coleman, reporters Rani Sadler and Nuala Hafner and weathergirl Sara Groen are all part of the Channel 7 Epping Hall of Fame social group on Facebook and have all been banned from networking.

On-air talent, including the likes of Home and Away star Kate Ritchie, who has 1006 friends, has also been denied access to the virtual social club.


"Facebook access is not allowed on our systems," a Seven spokesman said yesterday.

"We're focused on other things."

Rival channels Nine, SBS and the ABC all enjoy free access to the site, while Ten allows access on a needs basis as does radio 2UE.

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I was just about to post this article...you beat me to it, Di :D.

"It's not like we're sitting there poking or sending virtual cocktails," the angry staffer said.

LOL :lol: That's probably quite true. I can't see Kate Ritchie or any of the other cast just sitting there ''sending virtual cocktails'', especially via Facebook! How does that work?! :lol: Okay, maybe a limited ban, e.g a certain amount of time per day, but a full outright ban? Seems a bit harsh IMO. They're actors, they don't just go into work to surf the net, or go on Facebook. I'm sure some of them do use it for professional work, whether they do or not is kind of beside the point, but that just indicates that it's a bit OTT...doesn't it? :blink:

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It's a ****ty application on facebook...all of them are a waste of time....

So is it just a ban from doing it at work..because allegedly we weren't allowed to do that at my last job?!

OR...is it actually banning home and away actors from having facebooks so that obsessive fans dont stalk them on it...it doesnt really clarify what's being banned?

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