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Spice Girls Comeback Tour

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So is anyone been or going to see the Spice Girls or does anyone just like spice girls (still)

I went to see them on the 15 December at the O2 Center, London. Now I know why I loved the spice girls so much when I was younger. I sat 2 meters away from the stage and saw the likes of Gordon Ramsey, Will Young, Niki Clarke, Rihanna and of course David, all sitting within 10 meters of me. It was great. Emma Bunton blew me a kiss and we made eye to eye contact. God, I sound like an obbsessed tennager. My friend invited me at the last moment. To think I was so close to them and others were so far away, that just looked like dots to me. The break dancers were amazing and the costumes were just simply amazing to. The effects were just pure genieus, especially in "It's Raining Men" by Geri. Now I think I am obbsessed!

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I like them too. :)

Unfortunately I'm not going to see them because they don't come to Belgium. :( They don't even come to the Netherlands or France, which wouldn't be that far away to travel. London is a bit further and more expensive. :( And I can't come to London in January because I've have exams.

I'm glad their show was great and you had fun. :)

Is Geri the only Spice Girl who's singing one of her own songs?

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Only Victoria didn't sing a solo.

Geri H: It's Raining Men

Mel C: I Turn to You

Mel B: (umm, not sure)

Emma B: Maybe

My favouriite song at the minute is definately. 2 Become 1.

Now why doesn’t that surprise me? :rolleyes:

I like Spice Girls. I used to listen to them when I was younger, but I have now kind of grown from them. I think it’s great that they can manage to get a comeback, but I have to say that I laughed very much when I heard that they were having Victoria with them :lol: No offence to Victoria, but I doubt that she’s a very good singer now, she hardly has anything else than skin and bones on her body. She’s not setting a very good example <_<

And now it’s happening just as I feared. Victoria gets the most attention. Why? Because she’s married to David <_< I think that the media has failed to realize that this is about the comeback, not Victoria pretending she can sing :P

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Victoria always got the most attention, especially since she started dating David about 10 years ago.

My favouriite song at the minute is definately. 2 Become 1. :wub:

That's also one of my favourite songs. :wub: When it came out, I remember I played it over and over again. I drove my parents and sister crazy! :P Maybe I should start again. :wink: I haven't heard it in a while.

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I used to love them back in the day. Don't really care now. Having said that I think it's great that they're having this comeback tour, but I keep hearing/reading all these reports in the media about how there's so much tension and competition between them. I know the media exaggerate things, but if they don't complete this tour as a five piece there will be a lot of upset and angry fans out there.

As for Victoria getting all the attention - ok it's always been that way. Ever since they split up 10 years ago, it's always her that's been in the limelight compared to the rest. There's nothing new there, so I don't understand why it's being made into a big deal now.

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Bah I wanna go but they wont hurry up and announce their Australian dates

I don't think they're coming to Australia anymore :( They extended their US and UK tours. They were meant to be here Jan 17th, but the London tour extended right through that. :(

I hope they come but. All my mates wanna go just to relieve the old memories :lol:

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