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Killer Dad

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title: killer dad

type of story - long fic

starring: Lucas/Tony/Jack/Ringo

Genre: A

spoilers: no

summary: an old unwanted summer bay resident shows up in town with a surprise.


A man in his early 50's stepted out of an old black chev ute. He noticed peoples eyes on him like a hawk watching it's prey.

He walked in the diner to find people staring exactly the same way.

"How can i help you?" Annie asked without knowing who the stranger was.

"Does a kid by the name of Lucas Holden live around here?" He asked.

"Yeah why?" Annie replied couriously but also didn't want to stick her nose in his business.

"Just a friend of the family" he told her "Do you know where he lives?"

"Yeah" she said as she wrote down the address

"Thanks" he said as he walked out.

There was a knock on the door and Lucas turned around.

"Hey" he said

"I'm looking for Lucas..."

"You found him" Luc cut in "If this is about that shirt i intended to pay for that".

"No, it's not about a shirt"

"My name's Ringo and i'm..."

"He's no one" Tony interupted "And he's leaving arent you Ringo".

"Yeah he said as he walked away.


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thanks guys


"So you gonna tell me who that was?" Lucas asked Tony

"Just someone you don't need to know and i want you to stay away from him"

"Well he did ask for me"

Tony looked the other way.

"Ok well i'm gonna go see Drew, see ya". Lucas said as he walked out the door.

On the way he saw the man eating out of a trash can

"Hey Ringo is it" Luc shouted "Do you want me to buy you a burger or something, it saves you eating out of bins"

The man smiled.

"You really do have my eyes, everyone used to say you did" Ringo said


"Tony didn't tell you, figures"

"Tell me what" Lucas asked Ringo

"Lucas i'm your real father, i've been in jail for 18 years for murder"

"Um i'm gonna go, screw your burger eat of of bins for all i care" Lucas yelled as he stormed away

He walked in the way where Jack was washing his car

"Hey Luc are you ok?" Jack asked but Luc didn't give him an answer

"Hey" he said to Tony "Is that Ringo guy my dad?"

Tony looked down and didn't answer

"So you were gonna lie for the rest of my life and say you were my dad" Luc yelled.

"I did what was best for you" Tony told him "The man's a murderer, he murdered his wife and two daughters they should have locked him up for life"

"I'm not sleeping here tonight" Lucas said as he walked outside.


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Ric heard a bang on the door.

"Hey" he said to Lucas who looked angry

"What's wrong?"

"I just found out my life has been a lie"

"What do you mean?" Ric asked

"I mean Tony's not my father and Jacks not my brother".

"Then who is?" Ric asked another question

"Some guy named Ringo" Lucas told him"

"Well i dont wanna get involved in this"

"Fine, i'll stay somewhere else" Lucas said and glared as he turned and walked away.

"LUC, LUC" Ric called out

lucas walked to the diner where he saw Ringo's ute parked in the car park setting up a bed in the tray of it

"I'm staying with you tonight" Lucas said as he slammed his bag on the tray

Ringo looked up into Luc's eyes

"Is that ok, dad" he asked sarcasticly.


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Lucas layed on the back of the ute staring up at the stars.

"What happened?" Luc said as he sat up and faced Ringo who was sitting in the passenger seat

"What do you mean?" Ringo asked

"Why'd you kill your wife and kids?"

"You mean your mother and sisters?" Ringo took a deep breath "Don't know". Ringo told him

"What do you mean you don't know?, people don't kill other people for no reason". Luc said as he frowned

"They delaired me insain"

"Are you?"


They both went quiet

"Another question" Lucas said

Ringo looked at him and smiled.


"Was my name always Lucas?" he asked

"No, you never had a name we just called you Boo, Bub or Bubba"

"Sorry i asked" Lucas whispered to himself as he laid down to go to sleep.


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