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The anti/hate threads

Guest Frankie

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For some time now it has seemed to the moderating team that the purpose of this section of the forum has deviated somewhat from its purpose... that is from APPRECIATING a particular character, actor or couple.

The anti "X" threads were originally intended as a LIGHTHEARTED means of avoiding some of the unpleasant wars which periodically broke out between the pro and ant factions of various fandoms. However, the lightheartedness appears now to have all but disappeared in some cases. We are concerned that some of the posts we have seen in recent months are what we might call...well venemous... and that is not what this section of the forum should be about.

We would remind members that whilst it is perfectly acceptable to say that you dislike a character, and to say why, to say that you find a character unattractive, and to constructively criticize acting ability, or lack of, our rules are very very clear that it is NOT acceptable for this to become personal and for personal insults and insulting language to be used when discussing a particular character or actor.

To reiterate... a bit of light hearted banter is fine... but please do not resort to insults, don't try and out do each other in calling the character or the actor the worst name under the sun... do not call actors ugly, walking skin cancer, minging, twerp etc.. their characters may of course be twerps.. and you can argue why that may be the case.

Any posts which contain anything which the moderators consider to be language which breaches these guidelines will be edited or deleted and the members notified. The moderators can not of course be everywhere, so if you see anything which you are not happy with please use the report button or PM one of the moderators and we will respond as soon as we are able to do so.

Thank you very much.

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I'd just like to say that the best way to support a character is to OPENLY support them. It does no good to only like them in secret, refuse to post about, and then complain that no one else is posting that they like them either... That does not mean attacking people who don't like the same characters you do, it means having the courage and conviction to stand up for what and who you believe in. How can we haters be expected to take your feelings as a fan into consideration if we don't even know that there are any fans out there? That's what APPRECIATION threads are for, people!!

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The moderating team totally agree with you... :P .... but the anti threads... were a compromise to stop people marching in and and trashing the "appreciation" which was going on and to stop the "wars"....

People of all ages read this forum.. and I certainly would not want my 7 year old niece to be reading some of the comments I have read recently. In the last month or so we have had quite a few complaints, not because people dislike a character, or object to someone disliking a character they love, but because of the language used. People are entitled to dislike characters.. and we will defend their right to express this dislike.... just so long as as it is done in a way which does not cause offence... or gives someone's granny a heart attack.

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Hate is a dark and irrational term. Still, nobody's perfect, and I think it's healthier to express some hatred - particularly at an object that doesn't really exist, and therefore can't be affected - rather than bottling it all up and unleashing it at an inappropriate time. It's like hitting a pillow. Unless you think the pillow's got feelings and is getting hurt... there shouldn't be that big a problem, and I for one won't be judged for it.

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