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Any cat lovers here?

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Awwe what a lovely kitty. :wub: Unfortunately I don't have any pics of my babies at the moment. However Smokey is a fluffy, silver tabby and white tom while Chloe is a semi-fluffy tortoiseshell and white female. They are both 5 years old (though Smokey is nearly 6). :wub:

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My cats.

Ping is the greyish one at the back and Coco is the brownish one at the front of both pics.

Coco is only 4 but Ping is 11.



And Jack, my baby rabbit..Who is actually 5 years old :P


The cats are actually scared of Jack, he bit Coco once..But now they run away from him lol

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Thanks :D

But they don't act nice and cute..They can be a real pain..Coco likes attention and will do anything to get it..She meows non-stop and sits on the tvs..

Ping sits on the digibox and the dvd players to get heat..You tell them off and they just stare at you lol

Real attitudes :P

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Both the cats actually have long welsh registered names..I don't remember them and can't pronouce them anyway :P And I gave Jack a middle name of Theodore..

But I call them alot of things lol






Bab-ee Coco (Is her actual name :P)


Cocos (Used alot more than Coco)

Stinky :lol:

Mighty Mouse (Only I call her that :D)




Stampy (Obviously when he stamps)

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